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pitch1 US English

The quality of a sound governed by the rate of vibrations producing it; the degree of highness or lowness of a tone

pitch2 US English

A sticky resinous black or dark brown substance that is semiliquid when hot, hard when cold. It is obtained by distilling tar or petroleum and is used for waterproofing

pitch in pitchout US English

A lateral, especially from the quarterback to a running back

pitch1 US Thesaurus

her voice rose in pitch

pitch2 US Thesaurus

cement coated with pitch

off-pitch US English

Not of the correct pitch

pitch in US English

Vigorously join in to help with a task or activity

pitch out US English

Throw a pitchout

pitch-cap1 US English

A cap lined with hot pitch, especially one used as an instrument of torture by the military during the Irish rebellion of 1798.

pitch-cap2 US English

To torture (a person) with a pitch-cap.

pitch fir US English

Any of several coniferous trees which yield resin, including the Norway spruce, Picea abies, the silver fir, Abies alba, and the Siberian fir, A. sibirica.

pitch-oil US English

Turpentine (rare).

pitch pot US English

= pitch kettle.

fever pitch US English

A state of extreme excitement

high-pitch US English

= high-pitched.

pitch into US English

Vigorously tackle or begin to deal with

pitch angle US English

The angle of inclination from the horizontal or vertical, or with respect to some reference plane; the angle relating or corresponding to the pitch (in various contexts).

pitch axis US English

= pitching axis.

pitch-back US English

Designating a type of waterwheel in which the incoming supply of water falls on to the paddles or buckets of the wheel from above the axle and on the nearer side, causing it to rotate in the opposite direction to that of the incoming flow.

pitch bend US English

A mechanism in a synthesizer that enables the player to change the pitch of the note played by a small amount

pitch-black US English

Completely dark; as black as pitch

pitch block US English

In metalworking: a block with a slightly yielding surface made from a mixture including pitch, on which metal objects are placed during engraving or embossing.

pitch-board US English

A thin triangular wooden board used as a guide in stair-building.

pitch-brown US English

Of the colour of dark brown pitch.

pitch chain US English

A chain whose links engage with teeth or sprockets on a wheel, the motion of which drives or is driven by that of the chain.

pitch coal US English

A dense black variety of lignite with a conchoidal fracture.

pitch count US English

A running count of the number of pitches made by a pitcher in a game; the number of pitches so made; (also) a limit set by a coach on the number of pitches that a pitcher should make in a game before being substituted.

pitch curve US English

= pitch contour.

pitch fibre US English

A black waterproof material, consisting of compressed cellulose or asbestos fibre impregnated under vacuum with pitch, and used for making pipes.

pitch-hole US English

An opening in the wall of a barn, etc., through which corn or hay is pitched. Now rare.

pitch knot US English

The pitchy knot of a pine or other tree, usually burned as a fuel or to provide light.

pitch-like US English

Resembling or characteristic of pitch; dark and viscous.

pitch line US English

An imaginary line (often a circle) passing through the teeth of one cogwheel, pinion, rack, etc., so as to touch the corresponding line in another, without sliding, when the two components are geared together.

pitch mark US English

A mark or hole on the course where a divot has been cut away.

pitch meter US English

A device in an aeroplane for detecting or measuring pitching.

pitch note US English

A note determining the key of a tune, the tuning of an instrument, etc.

pitch opal US English

A yellow to brown variety of common opal with a pitchy lustre.

pitch-penny US English

A game similar to pitch-and-toss, in which coins are pitched at a mark.

pitch pine US English

A pine tree that is a source of pitch or turpentine, and typically yielding hard, heavy, resinous timber that is used in building, especially the longleaf Pinus rigida of the Appalachians and northeastern US

pitch pipe US English

A small reed pipe or set of pipes blown to set the pitch for singing or tuning an instrument

pitch point US English

The point of contact of the pitch lines of two cogwheels, gears, etc., which engage with each other.

pitch tree US English

A spruce tree (genus Picea).

pitch wine US English

Wine having a resinous flavour.

rock pitch US English

An expanse of rock between belay points.

white pitch US English

Pitch that is pale (often pale yellow) in colour, specifically that obtained from the Norway spruce, Picea abies.

wild pitch US English

An errant pitch that is not hit by the batter and cannot be stopped by the catcher, enabling a base runner to advance

pitch-black US Thesaurus

we ventured into the pitch-black tunnel

chamber pitch US English

A standard of pitch formerly in widespread use, especially in performing chamber music.

concert pitch US English

A standard for the tuning of musical instruments, internationally agreed upon in 1960, in which the note A above middle C has a frequency of 440 Hz

French pitch US English

A standard of pitch used in or associated with France; specifically a pitch where A (a') is tuned to 435 cycles per second.

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