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place US English

A particular position or point in space

put someone on a pedestal US English

Give someone uncritical respect or admiration; treat someone as an ideal rather than a real person

put a premium on US English

Regard or treat as particularly valuable or important

a tight corner US English

A difficult situation

place US Thesaurus

an ideal place for dinner

mid-place US English

A place in the middle.

no place US English


one-place US English

Of an assertion, etc.: in which only one thing is postulated or involved; chiefly in one-place predicate.

out-place US English

An out-of-the-way place; an outlying or remote spot.

in place US English

Working or ready to work; established

Place Act US English

Any of various Acts of Parliament excluding people holding office under the Crown from sitting in the House of Commons.

place bet US English

(In the UK) a bet on a horse to win a place in a race, usually first, second, or third

place mat US English

A small mat beneath a place setting at a dining table

free place US English

A school place available to a pupil who satisfies particular requirements; specifically (now historical) with reference to a scheme in the U.K., introduced under the Education (Administrative Provisions) Act of 1907, whereby grant-aided secondary schools were required to award state-subsidized scholarships to some promising pupils from public elementary schools (frequently attributive).

game place US English

A place where games are played; an arena for contests.

happy place US English

(With possessive adjective) a place which a person associates with happiness, visualized as a means of reducing stress, calming down, etc.; (hence) a happy state of mind.

head-place US English

Any principal or main place; specifically the capital or administrative centre of a district, region, etc.; the chief seat or residence of a domain.

holy place US English

A place revered as holy, typically one to which religious pilgrimage is made

home place US English

A place where one's home is; a house; (North American) a homestead.

other place US English

Hell, as opposed to heaven

Place Bill US English

A version of a Place Act in bill form.

place brick US English

A brick which has been imperfectly fired due to being on the outward side of the kiln

place card US English

A card bearing a person’s name and used to mark their place at a dining or meeting table

place horse US English

A horse which comes in among those placed.

place money US English

Money placed as a bet that a horse, etc., will finish second or third (North American second only) in a race.

place name US English

The name of a geographical location, such as a town, lake, or range of hills

place-namer US English

A person who names places.

place value US English

The numerical value that a digit has by virtue of its position in a number

privy place US English

The genital region; (in plural) the genitals.

town-place US English

A village, a hamlet, a farmyard.

abiding place US English

A stopping or dwelling place.

another place US English

The other House of Parliament (used in the Commons to refer to the Lords, and vice versa)

coaling place US English

= coaling station.

decimal place US English

The position of a digit to the right of a decimal point

hiding place US English

A place for concealing someone or something

keeping place US English

An Aboriginal cultural centre dedicated to the preservation of traditional Aboriginal culture, artefacts, etc.

mantel-place US English

= mantelpiece.

meeting place US English

A place where people gather or meet

passing place US English

A place where people or things may pass or pass across each other; specifically (a) a ford; (b) a railway siding; (c) a widened section on a narrow or single track road.

place d'armes US English

An assembly point for weapons or ammunition, an arsenal; an assembly point for troops, a parade ground.

place-getter US English

A competitor who finishes in one of the top positions in a race, especially other than the winner.

place-hunter US English

A person who persistently seeks a job in government service, usually for self-advancement.

place-hunting1 US English

The action or practice of persistently pursuing government office, especially for reasons of self-interest.

place-hunting2 US English

That seeks, or aims for, a desirable place; specifically that persistently seeks a desirable job in government service.

place-naming US English

The action of naming a place.

place setting US English

A complete set of dishes and cutlery provided for one person at a meal

playing-place US English

= playhouse.

polling place US English

A building where voting takes place during an election, typically one that normally has another function, such as a school

resting place US English

Used in reference to the grave or death

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