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plate US English

A flat dish, typically circular and made of china, from which food is eaten or served

plate US Thesaurus

a dinner plate

L-plate US English

A sign bearing the letter L, attached to the front and rear of a motor vehicle to indicate that it is being driven by a learner

P-plate US English

(On a motor vehicle) a sign indicating that the driver has only a provisional driving licence and is therefore subject to certain restrictions

dog plate US English

Engineering and Mechanics. A metal plate with dogs for holding something in place; (in a lathe) a circular plate with radial slots into which the arm of a lathe dog will fit.

dry plate US English

A glass plate coated with a light-sensitive gelatin-based emulsion, used formerly as an improvement on the earlier wet plate

ear-plate US English

A part of a helmet covering the ear.

end plate US English

A flattened piece at or forming the end of something such as a motor or generator

eye plate US English

Zoology a plate adjacent to or covering the eye, as a scale of a reptile or a sclerite of an arthropod (now rare).

gas plate US English

Gunnery a metal disc in some artillery guns which receives the direct force of the gas produced in firing (now rare).

hot plate US English

A flat heated surface (or a set of these), typically portable, used for cooking food or keeping it hot

ice plate US English

A small plate, often made of glass, on which ice cream or a similar dessert is served.

key plate US English

A flat piece of metal surrounding or covering a keyhole; a keyhole escutcheon.

pie plate US English

A shallow metal or glass dish with sloping sides in which pies are baked

pin plate US English

A plate with a hole for the pin in a pin joint.

plate day US English

The day of a race for a plate.

plate pie US English

A pie with a pastry base and crust.

plate-shy US English

Afraid to stand close to the plate when batting.

wet plate US English

A sensitized collodion plate exposed in the camera while the collodion is moist

agar plate US English

A shallow vessel, typically a Petri dish, containing biological culture medium which has been solidified with agar.

Aller plate US English

The bimetallic printing plate used in the Aller process.

altar plate US English

(As a mass noun) the plates, cups, and other vessels and utensils, typically of precious metal, used in the communion rite; (as a count noun) one of these, especially a communion plate.

black plate US English

Rolled iron or steel as a raw material for tinplate making; a sheet of this.

blue plate US English

(Of a restaurant meal) consisting of a full main course ordered as a single menu item

cell plate US English

A structure formed during the mitotic division of a plant cell when Golgi-derived vesicles containing cell wall precursors fuse to form a partition between the two daughter cells.

coal-plate US English

A metal plate on a pavement covering the opening to a coal cellar.

dial plate US English

The faceplate of a dial, especially that of a clock, watch, or sundial, on which the hours are marked.

earth plate US English

A metal plate buried in the earth or submerged in the sea so as to serve as an earth connection (as part of an earth return or as a safety feature).

frog-plate US English

A plate on which a live frog can be fixed, especially for a microscopic demonstration of blood circulation in the foot.

gold plate US English

A thin layer of gold, electroplated or otherwise applied as a coating to another metal

half plate US English

A photographic plate measuring 434 × 612 inches (circa 10.8 × 16.5 cm)

hand plate US English

A piece of metal or porcelain fixed to a door to prevent marks being left on the surface of the door when it is opened or closed.

head-plate US English

Gunnery. A metal plate covering the cheeks of a gun carriage. Now historical and rare.

home plate US English

The five-sided flat white rubber base next to which the batter stands and over which the pitcher must throw the ball for a strike. A runner must touch home plate after having reached all the other bases to score a run

kick plate US English

A metal plate at the base of a door or panel to protect it from damage or wear

king plate US English

A breastplate presented by the colonizing authorities to an Aboriginal leader in recognition of his status

match plate US English

A plate having half of a pattern mounted on either side, used in making moulds for casting.

mouth plate US English

A plate fitted into the roof of the mouth in the surgical treatment of cleft palate, as part of a denture, etc.

music plate US English

A printing plate used for printing music.

nail-plate US English

A plate of iron or other metal from which nails are cut; (as a mass noun) such metal plates collectively. Now rare.

nave plate US English

= hub-cap.

Nazca plate US English

An oceanic lithospheric plate in the south-eastern Pacific, which is subducting under the South American continental plate along the line of the Peru–Chile trench.

opal plate US English

A plate of opal glass; especially (formerly) one used as a photographic plate (obsolete).

oxter-plate US English

A supporting plate riveted to the stern from immediately below or on the transom, especially on wooden vessels.

paper plate US English

A disposable plate made of cardboard

plate armor US English

Protective armor of metal plates, especially as worn in medieval times by mounted knights

plate-bone US English

The shoulder blade, the scapula.

plate count US English

An estimate of cell density in milk, soil, etc., made by inoculating a culture plate with a suitably diluted sample and counting the number of colonies that appear.

plate fleet US English

A fleet carrying bullion; specifically any of the fleets which annually transported silver from the Americas to Spain during the 17th and 18th centuries.

plate gauge US English

A gauge consisting of a metal plate with notches of various widths cut along its edge.

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