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poker1 US English

A metal rod with a handle, used for prodding and stirring an open fire

poker2 US English

A card game played by two or more people who bet on the value of the hands dealt to them. A player wins the pool either by having the highest combination at the showdown or by forcing all opponents to concede without a showing of the hand, sometimes by means of bluff

gas poker US English

A perforated hollow poker through which gas is made to flow, which when ignited provides flame for kindling a fire.

poker run US English

A competition in which participants (often on motorcycles, skis, etc.) must visit a number of sites, collecting a playing card at each one, the winner being the one who collects the best poker hand (sometimes in combination with the fastest time).

draw poker US English

A variety of poker in which each player is dealt five cards and, after the first round of betting, may discard some (usually up to three) of these cards and draw replacements from the dealer

poker back US English

A very straight or stiff back (also attributive).

poker chip US English

A chip used as a stake in poker.

poker dice US English

Dice with card designs (from nine to ace) on the faces instead of spots

poker face US English

An impassive expression that hides one’s true feelings

strip poker US English

A form of poker in which a player with a losing hand takes off an item of clothing as a forfeit

poker-backed US English

Having a very straight or stiff back.

poker-bearer US English

A mace-bearer, a University bedel.

poker machine US English

A coin-operated gaming-machine which pays out according to the combination of symbols (usually representations of playing cards) appearing on the edges of the wheels spun by the operation of a lever.

poker school US English

A group of people meeting (especially habitually) to play poker.

red-hot poker US English

A South African plant with tall erect spikes of tubular flowers, the upper ones of which are typically red and the lower ones yellow

Russian poker US English

A card game for four players, each of whom competes with thirteen cards arranged into three poker hands, two of five cards and one of three.

poker patience US English

A form of patience, the object of which is to form winning poker combinations in each row and column.

pai gow poker US English

A version of poker incorporating some elements of pai gow, in which a player selects a five-card hand and a two-card hand from seven cards dealt to him or her, winning only if both hands are higher than those of the bank.

stud poker in stud2 US English

A form of poker in which the first card of a player’s hand is dealt face down and the others face up, with betting after each round of the deal

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