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pool1 US English

A small area of still water, typically one formed naturally

pool2 US English

A supply of vehicles or goods available for use when needed

pool1 US Thesaurus

pools of water

pool2 US Thesaurus

a pool of skilled labor

gene pool US English

The stock of different genes in an interbreeding population

lap pool US English

A swimming pool specially designed or designated for swimming laps

moon pool US English

A shaft through the bottom of a drilling ship, oil rig, etc., for lowering and raising equipment into or from the water

rock pool US English

A pool of water among rocks, typically along a shoreline

blind pool US English

A company that sells stock without specifying how invested money will be spent

dirty pool US English

Dishonest, unfair, or unsportsmanlike conduct

plunge pool US English

A deep basin excavated at the foot of a waterfall by the action of the falling water

wading pool US English

A shallow artificial pool for children to paddle in

birthing pool US English

A large bath in which a woman may give birth

football pool US English

A form of gambling on the results of football games, the winners receiving amounts accumulated from entry money

infinity pool US English

A swimming pool whose positioning gives the impression that it merges into the ocean or other surrounding landscape

paddling pool US English

British term for wading pool.

straight pool US English

A form of pool in which the players specify the ball they plan to pocket and which pocket the ball will drop into before taking a shot

swimming pool US English

An artificial pool for swimming in

swimming pool US Thesaurus

an indoor swimming pool

carpool US English

An arrangement between people to make a regular journey in a single vehicle, typically with each person taking turns to drive the others

poolroom US English

A commercial establishment where pool or billiard games are played

poolside US English

The area adjoining a swimming pool

eight ball US English

A game of pool in which one side must pocket all of the striped or solid balls and finally the eight ball to win