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pop1 US English

Make a light explosive sound

pop2 US English

Of or relating to commercial popular music

pop3 US English

Informal term for father.

POP US English

Point of presence, denoting equipment that acts as access to the Internet

PoP in POP US English

Point of presence, denoting equipment that acts as access to the Internet

pop US Thesaurus

champagne corks popped

pop. US English


pop-pop US English

Especially of the firing of a gun or guns: with a repeated series of short abrupt explosive sounds. Also as interjection: representing such sounds.

J-pop US English

Japanese pop music

K-pop US English

Korean pop music

pop up US English

Appear or occur suddenly and unexpectedly

pop-up US English

(Of a book or greeting card) containing folded cut-out pictures that rise up to form a three-dimensional scene or figure when the page is turned

ice pop US English

A frozen refreshment consisting of a piece of flavoured ice on a stick or in a plastic wrapper.

pop for US English

Pay for (something), especially as a treat for someone else

pop out US English

Make an out in a baseball game by hitting a pop fly that is caught

pop-out US English

An act of being put out by a caught fly ball

pop art US English

Art based on modern popular culture and the mass media, especially as a critical or ironic comment on traditional fine art values

pop-eye US English

A protruding, bulging, or prominent eye.

pop-top US English

(Of a can) having a ring or tab that is pulled to open its seal

vox pop US English

Popular opinion as represented by informal comments from members of the public, especially when broadcast or published

body-pop US English

To perform body-popping.

cake pop US English

A small round piece of cake coated with icing or chocolate and fixed on the end of a stick so as to resemble a lollipop

dream pop US English

A style of popular music, usually featuring layered guitar effects and quiet or breathy vocals, in which the creation of an atmospheric, textured, often ethereal sound is as important as the melody, lyrics, etc.; frequently attributive Compare shoegazing.

noise-pop US English

A type of popular music characterized by loud, distorted, or fuzzy guitar, but retaining a strong emphasis on melody.

—— a pop US English

Costing a specified amount per item

pop call US English

= pop visit.

pop-cult US English

Popular culture. Frequently attributive Compare pop culture.

pop-eyed US English

(Of a person) having bulging eyes, typically through surprise or fear

pop group US English

A number of musicians and vocalists who perform pop music together

pop-hole US English

A hole in a fence or divider through which animals can pass, especially one allowing poultry access to the outside or allowing piglets access to the sow

pop music US English

Fuller form of pop.

pop quiz US English

A short test given to students without prior warning

pop rivet US English

A tubular rivet that is inserted into a hole and clinched by the withdrawal of a central rod, used where only one side of the work is accessible

pop shop US English

A pawnbroker’s shop

pop shot US English

A gunshot fired quickly, opportunistically, or at random; (also) a pot-shot taken with any missile. In extended use: a piece of criticism, a verbal attack.

pop star US English

A famous and successful singer or performer of pop music

Pop Tart1 US English

A trademark for: a flat, rectangular pastry with a sweet filling (typically a fruit preserve), intended to be heated in a toaster.

pop tart2 US English

A (usually female) pop star regarded as having a sexually provocative image.

pop-under US English

Relating to, or denoting an additional window, usually an advertisement, that is under a web browser’s main or current window and appears when a user tries to exit

pop valve US English

(In a steam engine) a spring-loaded safety valve designed to open or close very rapidly at a predetermined pressure.

pop visit US English

A quick or unexpected visit.

pop wine US English

A sweet or fruit-flavoured wine, low in alcohol content and often carbonated; (now also) an inexpensive wine intended to have a wide appeal.

power pop US English

A style of pop music characterized by a strong melody line, heavy use of guitars, and simple rhythm

skin-pop US English

Inject (a drug, typically a narcotic) subcutaneously

soda pop US English

See soda111.

synth-pop US English

A type of pop music featuring heavy use of synthesizers and other electronic instruments, originating in the early 1980s

pop music US Thesaurus

the legends of pop music

chamber pop US English

A style of popular music which incorporates elements of classical music, especially by utilizing string and wind instruments.

paddle pop US English

A piece of flavoured frozen milk on a stick

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