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population US English

All the inhabitants of a particular town, area, or country

pop. US English


population group US English

(In South Africa during the apartheid era) the official term for an ethnic group

population explosion US English

A sudden large increase in the size of a population

zero population growth US English

The maintenance of a population at a constant level by limiting the number of live births to only what is needed to replace the existing population

population US Thesaurus

a new social agenda for the population of these emerging nations

population English-Spanish

población f

prison population in prison English-Spanish

reclusos, población

population explosion in population English-Spanish

explosión f demográfica

a population bulge in bulge English-Spanish

un aumento demográfico

a population explosion in explosion English-Spanish

una explosión demográfica

a major population shift in shift English-Spanish

un desplazamiento masivo de población

sectors of the population in sector English-Spanish

sectores de la población

a mushrooming population/city in mushroom English-Spanish

una población/ciudad que crece desenfrenadamente

one fifth of the population in one English-Spanish

la quinta parte de la población

the working/student population in population English-Spanish

la población activa/estudiantil

a high percentage of the population in percentage English-Spanish

un alto porcentaje de la población

cholera raged among the population in rage English-Spanish

el cólera hizo estragos entre la población

feelings run very deep among the population in deep English-Spanish

hay un sentir muy fuerte entre la población

much of the population is barely literate in literate English-Spanish

la mayor parte de la población es casi analfabeta

the gravitation of the rural population toward the cities in gravitation English-Spanish

la tendencia de la población rural a desplazarse hacia las ciudades

built for a population of 5,000, the prison now houses 8,740 in population English-Spanish

la cárcel, que fue construida para 5.000 reclusos, hoy alberga a 8.740

most of the country's population lives o live in abject poverty in population English-Spanish

la mayor parte de la población del país vive en la miseria más absoluta

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