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population US English

All the inhabitants of a particular town, area, or country

pop. US English


population US Thesaurus

a new social agenda for the population of these emerging nations

population I US English

A population of relatively young, metal-rich, highly luminous stars believed to have formed from the debris of other stars, together with other young celestial objects located in the galactic disc.

population II US English

A population of old, red stars formed early in the history of their parent galaxy, the earliest of which are thought to be coeval with their galaxy.

population III US English

A hypothetical population of short-lived supermassive stars that may have existed before the period of galaxy formation, proposed in order to account for the observed metallicity of population II stars.

population biology US English

The branch of biology that deals with the patterns and causes of diversity within and among populations, especially as regards their ecology, demography, epidemiology, etc.

population centre US English

A densely populated urban area; the area of a particular country, region, etc., which is most densely populated.

population curve US English

A graph showing the variation of population with time.

population group US English

(In South Africa during the apartheid era) the official term for an ethnic group

population pyramid US English

A roughly triangular figure on a level base, the width of which at any height indicates the numbers having an age proportional to that height; a population distribution.

overflow population US English

A population or group of people which cannot be accommodated in a given area.

population biologist US English

An expert or specialist in population biology.

population explosion US English

A sudden large increase in the size of a population

population-explosive US English

That causes a population explosion.

population geneticist US English

An expert or specialist in population genetics.

population genetics US English

The branch of genetics that deals mathematically with the distribution of and change in gene frequencies in populations from one generation to another.

zero population growth US English

The maintenance of a population at a constant level by limiting the number of live births to only what is needed to replace the existing population

overpopulation US English

The condition of being populated with excessively large numbers

rep by pop US English

= representation by population.