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port1 US English

A town or city with a harbor where ships load or unload, especially one where customs officers are stationed

port2 US English

A strong, sweet, typically dark red fortified wine, originally from Portugal, typically drunk as a dessert wine

port3 US English

The side of a ship or aircraft that is on the left when one is facing forward

port4 US English

An aperture or opening, in particular

port5 US English

Transfer (software) from one system or machine to another

port6 US English

A suitcase or travelling bag

pote2 US English

To kick (something); to paw (the ground) with a foot; to stamp (one's foot). Now English regional (northern).

port1 US Thesaurus

the German port of Kiel

port2 US Thesaurus

push the supply pipes into the ports

free port US English

A port open to all traders

game port US English

Computing an analogue port on a computer, games console, etc., especially one for connecting a controller (typically a joystick).

home port US English

The port from which a ship originates or in which it is registered

oar-port US English

= oar-hole.

port bit US English

= port mouth.

port due US English

(In plural) = port charge.

port duty US English

= port charge.

port face US English

(In a steam engine or internal-combustion engine) the surface of the block containing the ports through which steam or fuel enters and exhaust material leaves.

port-fire US English

A handheld fuse used for firing cannons, igniting explosives, etc.

port-last US English

The gunwale of a ship. a port-last: (of a yard) lowered to the level of the gunwales.

port-lid US English

A shutter used to close a gun port or porthole.

port pass US English

Authorization to leave or land at a port.

port pay US English

Wages paid by or in a port; specifically wages paid to a sailor for time spent in port.

Port Said US English

A port in Egypt, on the Mediterranean coast at the northern end of the Suez Canal; population 570,600 (est. 2006). It was founded in 1859

port tack US English

A sailboat’s heading when the wind is coming from the left, or port, side

port town US English

A seaport town; = port.

Port Vila US English

Another name for Vila.

port-way US English

A public highway, a road connecting two towns; (often) a Roman road.

puff port US English

A vent out of which compressed air is blown in order to control the attitude of a hovercraft.

row port US English

Any of a row of holes near the waterline in the side of a small sailing ship, to allow for the use of oars in calm weather.

ruby port US English

A deep red port, especially one matured in wood for only a few years and then fined

USB port US English

A socket or port that meets the USB specification.

womb port US English

= womb passage.

games port US English

= game port.

mouse port US English

A socket on a computer, keyboard, etc., for connecting to a mouse.

multi-port US English

Of trade: involving more than one shipping port.

Port Arthur US English

former name (1898–1905) for Lushun.

Port Blair US English

The capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, a port on the southern tip of South Andaman Island in the Bay of Bengal; population 75,000

port-bound US English

Detained in port by bad weather, unfavourable winds, etc.

port charge US English

A charge levied for use of a port; = harbour-due.

Port-Gentil US English

The principal port of Gabon, on the Atlantic coast south of Libreville; population 150,000 (est. 2009)

port haven US English

Shelter in a port.

Port Huron US English

An industrial port city in southeastern Michigan, on Lake Huron and the St. Clair River; population 30,869 (est. 2008)

Port Louis US English

The capital of Mauritius, a port on the northwestern coast; population 150,000 (est. 2007)

port-master US English

The chief official in charge of a port; = harbour-master.

port mouth US English

A bit for a horse with a mouthpiece curved in an arch, the higher and narrower the arch the more severe the bit.

Port Natal US English

Former name (until 1835) for Durban.

port negus US English

A hot sweetened drink containing port.

Port Pirie US English

A port on the coast of South Australia, on the Spencer Gulf north of Adelaide; population 17,950 (2008)

Port-Royal US English

The community of Port-Royal as a centre of Jansenism; (hence) the doctrines of the Jansenists. Also: the wider community following the principles and methods of Port-Royal in education or philosophy; a comparable institution elsewhere.

Port Salut US English

A pale, mild type of cheese

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