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porter1 US English

A person employed to carry luggage and other loads, especially in a railroad station, airport, or hotel

porter2 US English

An employee in charge of the entrance of a hotel, apartment complex, or other large building

Porter, Cole US English

(1892–1964), US songwriter. He made his name with a series of Broadway musicals that included Anything Goes (1934) and Kiss Me, Kate (1948). He also wrote songs for movies, such as High Society (1956). Notable songs: “Let’s Do It,”“Night and Day,” and “Begin the Beguine.”

Porter, Katherine Anne US English

(1890–1980), US short-story writer and novelist. Notable works: Ship of Fools (1962) and Collected Short Stories (1965)

Porter, Peter US English

(1929–2010), Australian poet, resident chiefly in England since 1951; full name Peter Neville Frederick Porter

porter1 US Thesaurus

a porter helped with the bags

porter2 US Thesaurus

the college porter

coal porter US English

A person employed in carrying or unloading coal.

hall porter US English

A concierge or a person who carries guests' luggage in a hotel

porter bar US English

An iron bar extending from a heavy body to be forged, by which it may be guided beneath a hammer or into a furnace.

porter crab US English

Any of various crabs which use modified legs to carry or hold things, and mostly belong to the families Homolidae and Dorippidae.

night porter US English

A hotel porter who is on duty during the night

street porter US English

A porter employed to lift or carry heavy packages in the street.

train porter US English

A railway official in charge of a train over a single-line section of railway (now historical).

kitchen porter US English

A person employed to wash dishes and carry out other menial duties in the kitchen of a restaurant or hotel

porter's chair US English

A chair with an arched hood, originally placed in a hallway for a porter or doorkeeper to sit in.

porter's knot US English

A double shoulder pad and forehead loop used for carrying loads

porter's lodge US English

A lodge for the porter at the gate of a castle, college, park, etc., formerly used as a place of punishment for servants and dependants.

prêt-à-porter US English

(Of designer clothes) sold ready-to-wear as opposed to made to measure

William Sydney Porter in Henry, O. US English

(1862–1910), US short-story writer; pseudonym of William Sydney Porter. Jailed for embezzlement in 1898, he started writing in prison. His humorous, ironic stories of everyday life depend on coincidence and twists. Collections of his works include Cabbages and Kings (1904), The Voice of the City (1908), and Waifs and Strays (published posthumously in 1917)

Helen Porter Mitchell in Melba, Dame Nellie US English

(1861–1931), Australian opera singer; born Helen Porter Mitchell. Born near Melbourne, she took her professional name from that of the city

Peter Neville Frederick Porter in Porter, Peter US English

(1929–2010), Australian poet, resident chiefly in England since 1951; full name Peter Neville Frederick Porter