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posterior US English

Further back in position; of or nearer the rear or hind end, especially of the body or a part of it

posterior US Thesaurus

the posterior part of the skull

posterior mediastinum US English

The posterior portion of the inferior mediastinum, lying between the pericardium and the vertebral column, and containing the descending aorta and oesophagus.

posterior presentation US English

Veterinary Med. presentation of a fetus in which the hind legs (or the hindquarters, in the case of an abnormal posterior presentation) lie adjacent to the mother's cervix and emerge first at birth.

posterior probability US English

The statistical probability that a hypothesis is true calculated in the light of relevant observations

anteroposterior US English

Relating to or directed toward both front and back

posterior synechia in synechia US English

Ophthalmology. Adhesion between the iris and the cornea (more fully anterior synechia) or between the iris and the capsule of the lens (more fully posterior synechia); an adhesion of this kind.

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