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potash US English

An alkaline potassium compound, especially potassium carbonate or hydroxide

potash-lime US English

A mixture of potassium hydroxide (or oxide) and calcium oxide; also attributive designating glass containing this.

potash lye US English

An alkaline solution of potassium hydroxide.

potash mica US English

A mica containing a significant proportion of potassium; specifically = muscovite.

potash soap US English

Soft soap manufactured using potassium hydroxide.

potash glass US English

A relatively hard type of glass made using potassium carbonate, suitable for cutting and engraving.

potash kettle US English

A large vessel used in the manufacture of potash from the ashes of burnt plant material.

potash works US English

A factory where potash is produced; = potashery.

caustic potash US English

Another term for potassium hydroxide.

potash feldspar US English

= potassium feldspar.

alum1 US English

A colorless astringent compound that is a hydrated double sulfate of aluminum and potassium, used in solution medicinally and in dyeing and tanning

†quadroxalate of potash in quadroxalate US English

A compound containing four oxalate groups in the empirical formula. Chiefly in potassium quadroxalate, †quadroxalate of potash.