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pouch US English

A small bag or other flexible receptacle, typically carried in a pocket or attached to a belt

brood pouch US English

A pouch in certain fish, frogs, and invertebrates in which the eggs are protected before hatching

cheek pouch US English

A saclike fold of skin on either side of the mouth, especially in squirrels, monkeys, and gophers, used for carrying food

posing pouch US English

A man’s garment covering only the genitals

diplomatic pouch US English

A container in which official mail is sent to or from an embassy without being subject to customs inspection

pouch US Thesaurus

a leather pouch

pouch English-Spanish

bolsa feminine

diplomatic pouch English-Spanish

valija feminine diplomática

hunter's pouch in pouch English-Spanish

morral masculine de cazador

tobacco pouch in tobacco English-Spanish

petaca feminine, estuche