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prescription US English

An instruction written by a medical practitioner that authorizes a patient to be provided a medicine or treatment

prescription US Thesaurus

the doctor wrote a prescription

prescription book US English

A book in which medical prescriptions are recorded.

prescription drug US English

A drug which is only obtainable on prescription.

prescription glass US English

A lens ground according to an optician's prescription; (in plural) spectacles made for the correction of sight according to an optician's prescription (as distinct from those designed simply as sunglasses, protective spectacles, etc.).

negative prescription US English

The rule of law whereby a person otherwise entitled to enforce a right in legal proceedings is debarred from doing so by reason of the length of time that has elapsed since his or her cause of action arose; equivalent to limitation of actions in English law.

prescription medicine US English

= prescription drug.

repeat prescription US English

A prescription for medication which may be issued to a patient for a second or subsequent time without requiring a consultation with a doctor.

nonprescription US English

(Of a medicine) available for sale without a prescription

positive prescription in prescription US English

The establishment of a claim founded on the basis of a long or indefinite period of uninterrupted use or of long-standing custom

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