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pressure US English

The continuous physical force exerted on or against an object by something in contact with it

pressure US Thesaurus

confined gas exerts a constant pressure

high-pressure US English

A condition of the atmosphere in which the pressure is above average (e.g., in an anticyclone)

low-pressure US English

A condition of the atmosphere in which the pressure is below average (e.g., in a depression)

peer pressure US English

Influence from members of one’s peer group

pressure hull US English

The inner hull of a submarine, in which approximately atmospheric pressure is maintained when the vessel is submerged

pressure lamp US English

A portable oil or kerosene lamp in which the fuel is forced up into the mantle or burner by air pressure in the reservoir, which can be increased by pumping with a plunger

pressure suit US English

An inflatable suit that protects the wearer against low pressure, e.g., when flying at a high altitude

high-pressure US Thesaurus

high-pressure sales tactics

blood pressure US English

The pressure of the blood in the circulatory system, often measured for diagnosis since it is closely related to the force and rate of the heartbeat and the diameter and elasticity of the arterial walls

cross-pressure US English

Expose (someone) to different, incompatible opinions

gauge pressure US English

The amount by which the pressure measured in a fluid exceeds that of the atmosphere

moral pressure US English

Persuasion that involves appealing to a person’s moral sense

pressure cooker US English

An airtight pot in which food can be cooked quickly under steam pressure

pressure gauge US English

An instrument indicating pressure

pressure group US English

A group that tries to influence public policy in the interest of a particular cause

pressure point US English

A point on the surface of the body sensitive to pressure

pressure vessel US English

A container designed to hold material at high pressures

sound pressure US English

The difference between the instantaneous pressure at a point in the presence of a sound wave and the static pressure of the medium

static pressure US English

The pressure of a fluid on a body when the body is at rest relative to the fluid

vapor pressure US English

The pressure of a vapor in contact with its liquid or solid form

critical pressure US English

The pressure of a gas or vapor in its critical state

osmotic pressure US English

The pressure that would have to be applied to a pure solvent to prevent it from passing into a given solution by osmosis, often used to express the concentration of the solution

partial pressure US English

The pressure that would be exerted by one of the gases in a mixture if it occupied the same volume on its own

positive pressure US English

Air or gas pressure greater than that of the atmosphere, as used, e.g., in the artificial ventilation of the lungs

selection pressure US English

An agent of differential mortality or fertility that tends to make a population change genetically

atmospheric pressure US English

The pressure exerted by the weight of the atmosphere, which at sea level has a mean value of 101,325 pascals (roughly 14.6959 pounds per square inch)

barometric pressure US English

Another term for atmospheric pressure.