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profile US English

An outline of something, especially a person’s face, as seen from one side

profile US Thesaurus

his handsome profile

low profile US English

A position of avoiding or not attracting much attention or publicity

in profile US English

(In reference to someone’s face) as seen from one side

profile cut US English

A method or style of cutting a diamond in which it is sliced into thin plates that are polished on one side, finely grooved on the other, and bevelled on the edge.

re-profile US English

To profile again.

high profile US English

A position of attracting much attention or publicity

profile board US English

A board or plate cut to a pattern, used as a template to fix the shape or dimensions of something being made or built.

profile drag US English

The part of the drag on an aerofoil or aircraft which arises directly from its profile and from skin friction (i.e. the part not attributable to lift).

profile-grind US English

And without object to grind using a profile grinder.

profile piece US English

Theatre = sense 7(b).

profile shot US English

A photograph or photographer's view of a subject, especially a person's face, in profile.

profile wing US English

A flat piece of scenery placed at the side of a stage.

risk profile US English

A forecast of the probable range of risks involved in an enterprise.

user profile US English

A collection of information or data about the habits, preferences, etc., of a user, especially of a product or service.

high-profile US Thesaurus

he gladly stays behind the scenes, managing the business affairs of his high-profile wife

genetic profile US English

An evaluation of the inheritance pattern of a genetic disorder (rare).

pollen profile US English

A pollen spectrum; a pollen diagram.

profile cutter US English

An (itinerant) artist who produces silhouette portraits (now historical).

profile diagram US English

A representation of a vertical section through a forest, showing the outlines of the individual components of the vegetation.

profile grinder US English

A machine for profile grinding.

profile-ground US English

Ground or shaped by profile grinding.

profile machine US English

= profile instrument.

profile component US English

An attainment target in a particular subject, forming part of a general assessment of a pupil

profile grinding US English

Grinding in which the work surface of the wheel has the same outline as that required in the item being ground.

resource profile US English

(In network analysis and project planning) a profile of the resources required for a particular activity.

velocity profile US English

The variation in velocity along a line at right angles to the general direction of flow

personality profile US English

A description of the (likely) psychological, intellectual, and behavioural characteristics of a (certain type of) person.

psychological profile US English

(Originally) a pattern of results produced by a person in various psychological tests, used for classification or comparison; (later) a description of the psychological characteristics of a person, frequently a hypothetical or unidentified criminal.

resistivity profile US English

The way the resistivity of a medium varies along a line or in a particular direction; a graphical representation of this.

in profile in profile US English

(In reference to someone’s face) as seen from one side

profil perdu US English

A profile in which the subject is more than half turned away from the onlooker.

keep a low profile in profile US Thesaurus

in matters concerning his family, he managed to keep a low profile