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prospect US English

The possibility or likelihood of some future event occurring

prospect for in prospect US English

Look out for; search for

prospect US Thesaurus

there is little prospect of success

prospect English-Spanish

posibilidad feminine

prospect of sth English-Spanish


sales prospect in sale English-Spanish

candidato,, posible cliente,

she seemed untroubled by the noise/prospect in untroubled English-Spanish

no parecía que el ruido la afectase/que la perspectiva la inquietase

it isn't an encouraging prospect in prospect English-Spanish

no es una perspectiva alentadora

it isn't a very attractive prospect in attractive English-Spanish

no es una perspectiva muy halagüeña

it's not exactly an exciting prospect in exciting English-Spanish

la perspectiva no me llena de entusiasmo, que digamos

the prospect of having to start again in prospect English-Spanish

la perspectiva de tener que volver a empezar

the prospect doesn't exactly thrill me in thrill English-Spanish

la verdad es que la perspectiva no me entusiasma

I'm not wildly excited by the prospect in wildly English-Spanish

la perspectiva no me entusiasma mucho que digamos

I view the prospect with extreme distaste in distaste English-Spanish

la perspectiva me desagrada profundamente

there is every prospect of a reconciliation in every English-Spanish

hay muchas posibilidades de que se reconcilien

he's a good prospect for the first race in prospect English-Spanish

tiene muchas probabilidades de ganar la primera carrera

he's lost his job and has no other in prospect in other English-Spanish

perdió el trabajo y no tiene otro en perspectiva

is there any prospect that you'll finish this afternoon? in prospect English-Spanish

¿hay alguna posibilidad de que termines esta tarde?

the prospect of a Saturday in the office was not appealing in appealing English-Spanish

la perspectiva de pasar un sábado en la oficina no me hacía mucha gracia