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pulp US English

A soft, wet, shapeless mass of material

pulp US Thesaurus

he kneaded it into a pulp

pulp cell US English

A cell of the dental or splenic pulp.

pulp mill US English

A mill in which wood is reduced to paper pulp.

wood pulp US English

Wood fiber reduced chemically or mechanically to pulp and used in the manufacture of paper

alpha pulp US English

Wood pulp containing a high proportion of alpha cellulose.

pulp board US English

A kind of board made directly from paper pulp instead of being made like pasteboard from paper.

pulp boiler US English

= pulp digester.

pulp canal US English

The space within a root of a tooth that contains pulp; the root canal.

pulp cavity US English

The space in the interior of a tooth that contains the pulp

pulp cutter US English

A logger who works with trees or wood intended for processing into paper pulp.

pulp nodule US English

= pulp stone.

pulp paper US English

Newsprint; (also) paper of similar texture used for books or magazines (frequently attributive).

pulp stone US English

Dentistry a calcified concretion within the pulp of a tooth.

chemical pulp US English

Wood pulp produced by a process in which wood chips are heated with chemicals that break down the lignin binding cellulose fibres, without significant degradation of the fibres themselves; also called chemical wood pulp.

pulp-capping US English

The covering of the exposed pulp of a tooth with an artificial cap.

pulp chamber US English

The pulp cavity of the crown of a tooth.

pulp digester US English

A machine for producing paper pulp by boiling wood or other plant material with chemicals which dissolve away extraneous material to leave the fibrous pulp.

pulp fiction US English

Fiction of a style characteristic of pulp magazines; sensational, lurid, or popular fiction.

pulp grinder US English

A machine for grinding wood or other plant material to make paper pulp.

pulp magazine US English

A magazine devoted to popular or sensational literature.

pulp strainer US English

A device or machine for straining pulp.

mechanical pulp US English

Pulp produced without chemical degradation.

chemical wood pulp US English

= chemical pulp.

mechanical wood pulp US English

= mechanical pulp.

beat someone to a pulp US English

Beat someone severely