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purse US English

A small bag used especially by a woman to carry everyday personal items

purse US Thesaurus

a woman's purse

purse bag US English

A small bag used to contain money; a handbag, especially one with a purse incorporated.

purse net US English

Another term for purse seine.

purse-web US English

An enclosed tubular spider's web, characteristic of mygalomorph spiders of the family Atypidae, that extends from the burrow for some distance and somewhat resembles the finger of a glove.

money purse US English

A purse (now archaic and rare).

peggy purse US English

= peggy bag.

penny purse US English

A purse for pence or small coins.

privy purse US English

(In the UK) an allowance from the public revenue for the monarch’s private expenses

purse-belt US English

= moneybelt.

purse boat US English

A boat used for fishing with a purse seine.

purse club US English

(In the 18th and early 19th centuries) an association existing for the mutual aid of its members, who pay regular subscriptions to insure against future need; a friendly society; a guild.

purse crab US English

Any crab of the family Leucosiidae, in which the females have a rounded chamber on the abdomen in which the egg mass is enclosed; especially a crab of the genus Persephona, of the West Atlantic.

purse davit US English

A short, strong davit attached to the gunwale and thwart of a purse boat, to support the pursing blocks of a purse seine.

purse-eyed US English

Designating the bigeye scad, Selar crumenophthalmus, a carangid fish of warm seas which has very large eyes that are almost covered with thick fatty tissue.

purse line US English

= purse-rope.

purse-pride US English

The state or condition of being purse-proud; the pride or arrogance of the wealthy.

purse-proud US English

Proud or arrogant on account of one's wealth.

purse ring US English

A ring, or one of two sliding rings, with which a purse may be closed. Now rare.

purse-rope US English

The cord used to close up the mouth of a purse seine.

purse seine US English

A seine that can be drawn into the shape of a bag using the line along the bottom of the net like the drawstring of a purse

purse silk US English

Silk thread used for knitting purses and embroidering.

purse-taker US English

A thief who deprives people of their purses.

purse trick US English

A confidence trick in which victims are deceived into handing over money, often because they believe they will receive a purse or bag containing items of value, or a share of money from a purse.

beggar's purse US English

An appetizer consisting of a crêpe stuffed with a savory filling, typically caviar and crème fraiche

change purse US English

A small strapless purse used for carrying money

public purse US English

The funds raised by a government by taxation or other means

purse-bearer US English

The bearer or carrier of a purse; a person who has been given charge of money belonging to another, or to a company, etc.; a treasurer, a bursar. Now archaic and historical.

purse-bearing US English

Bearing a purse; providing or controlling access to money; Zoology (of a mammal) †bearing the young in a pouch; marsupial (obsolete).

purse-cutter US English

A thief who cuts purses in order to take their contents; a cutpurse.

purse-cutting US English

The action of cutting and stealing from purses.

purse-emptier US English

A person who costs or charges a lot of money; †a thief (obsolete).

purse-master US English

Chiefly Scottish = purse-bearer; a treasurer, a bursar. Now rare (historical in later use).

purse netting US English

The practice of making purses out of network. Now historical and rare.

purse-picker US English

A thief who picks purses; = pickpurse.

purse-picking US English

The action of picking or stealing from purses.

purse-pinched US English

Possessing little money, poor.

purse seining US English

The action or practice of fishing with a purse seine.

purse string US English

A string, or each of a pair of strings, which may be drawn to close the mouth of a purse; a drawstring. In later use chiefly in similative expressions.

purse-taking US English

The action of robbing people of their purses.

purse tassel US English

A purse-string.

mermaid's purse US English

The horny egg case of a skate, ray, or small shark

purse-snatcher US English

A thief who steals a handbag from the person carrying it

shepherd's purse US English

A widely distributed white-flowered weed of the cabbage family, with triangular or heart-shaped seedpods

electronic purse US English

A smart card or other device on which an amount of electronic money can be deposited and stored, and which may be used to pay for inexpensive items.

subscription purse US English

A sum of money collected by subscription and offered as a prize in a horse race or other contest.

purse-web spider US English

Any of various mygalomorph spiders of the family Atypidae, especially of the genus Atypus, which construct and live inside a purse-web.

hold the purse strings US English

Have control of expenditure

tighten the purse strings US English

Restrict (or increase) the amount of money available to be spent

cutpurse US English

A pickpocket or thief

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