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quantum US English

A discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents

quantum bit US English

The basic unit of information in a quantum computer

quantum dot US English

A nanoscale particle of semiconducting material that can be embedded in cells or organisms for various experimental purposes, such as labeling proteins

quantum jump US English

An abrupt transition of an electron, atom, or molecule from one quantum state to another, with the absorption or emission of a quantum

quantum level US English

An energy level in a quantized system.

quantum logic US English

A three-valued logic for dealing with the observation and measurement of quantum phenomena (where simultaneous precise measurement of related variables is not necessarily possible), in which the distributive law of Boolean logic (that p and (q or r) implies (p and q) or (p and r)) does not hold.

quantum orbit US English

An orbit (of an electron in an atom) defined by a set of quantum numbers.

quantum solid US English

A solid that exhibits quantum effects on the macroscopic scale.

quantum state US English

A state of a quantized system that is described by a set of quantum numbers

quantum suff. US English

= quantum sufficit.

quantum well US English

A potential well in which electrons and holes are constrained to move in two dimensions only, typically by sandwiching an atomic layer of a semiconductor between layers of a material with a wider band gap, leading to a sharper density of states than in the bulk semiconductor; frequently attributive.

quantum wire US English

A wire-like piece of semiconductor in which the movement of electrons is restricted to one dimension, and quantum effects cause their energy of transverse motion (and hence the wire's resistance) to be quantized.

quantum yield US English

= quantum efficiency.

Planck's quantum US English

= Planck's constant.

quantum chemist US English

An expert or specialist in quantum chemistry.

quantum defect US English

A number representing the degree to which an energy level of an atom with a single valence electron is displaced relative to the corresponding level of the hydrogen atom, being the amount by which the actual principal quantum number of the level exceeds the effective value of the number.

quantum gravity US English

A theory that attempts to explain gravitational physics in terms of quantum mechanics

quantum liquid US English

A liquid that exhibits quantum effects on the macroscopic scale.

quantum-logical US English

Of or relating to quantum logic.

quantum meruit US English

A reasonable sum of money to be paid for services rendered or work done when the amount due is not stipulated in a legally enforceable contract

quantum number US English

A number that occurs in the theoretical expression for the value of some quantized property of a subatomic particle, atom, or molecule and can only have certain integral or half-integral values

quantum theory US English

A theory of matter and energy based on the concept of quanta, especially quantum mechanics

quantum vacuum US English

A state devoid of ordinary matter in which virtual particle–antiparticle pairs are continually created and annihilated through quantum fluctuations.

quantum valeat US English

For what it is worth; with the understanding that the value or credibility of the statement, testimony, or piece of evidence under discussion may be diminished in consideration of mitigating factors.

quantum valebat US English

= quantum valebant.

quantum-chemical US English

Of or relating to quantum chemistry.

quantum chemistry US English

The branch of physical chemistry concerned with the explanation of chemical phenomena in terms of quantum mechanics.

quantum computer US English

A computer that makes use of the quantum states of subatomic particles to store information

quantum condition US English

A condition resulting from, or forming part of, the application of quantum theory to a system; a condition that selects from the states allowed by classical physics those that are consistent with quantum theory.

quantum-dynamical US English

Of or relating to quantum dynamics; quantum-mechanical.

quantum dynamics US English

= quantum mechanics.

quantum efficiency US English

The proportion of incident photons that are effective in causing the photodecomposition of a molecule, the emission of a photoelectron, or a similar photoeffect.

quantum-electronic US English

Relating to electronic properties as described or explained by quantum theory (rare);of or relating to quantum electronics.

quantum mechanics US English

The branch of mechanics that deals with the mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles, incorporating the concepts of quantization of energy, wave-particle duality, the uncertainty principle, and the correspondence principle

quantum medicine US English

A branch of complementary medicine that uses low-dosage electromagnetic radiation in the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of disease

quantum statistics US English

The statistics of the energy distribution of particles when the quantization of energy is taken into account.

quantum sufficit US English

To a sufficient extent; moderately, only as much as required. In later use chiefly Science.

quantum theorist US English

An expert or specialist in quantum theory.

quantum transition US English

= quantum jump.

quantum valebant US English

(An action to recover) the reasonable value of goods which have been provided or delivered without a legally enforceable contract stipulating a price.

old quantum theory US English

The early form of quantum theory, based on classical mechanics, prior to the development of wave mechanics and matrix mechanics in the mid 1920s.

quantum chromodynamics US English

A quantum field theory in which the strong interaction is described in terms of an interaction between quarks mediated by gluons, both quarks and gluons being assigned a quantum number called “color.”

quantum cryptography US English

A technique for the encryption of transmitted information which uses quantum properties (typically the polarization or the entanglement of photons) to construct shared random cryptographic keys in such a way that any interception of the communication channel is revealed by the disturbance it causes to the quantum system.

quantum-electrodynamic US English

Of or relating to quantum electrodynamics.

quantum electronics US English

The branch of physics concerned with the practical consequences of the quantization of energy states and their interaction with electromagnetic radiation, and especially with the production or amplification of microwaves in crystals.

quantum fluctuation US English

A short-lived variation in the amount of energy at a point in space occurring as a result of the uncertainty principle, which allows the law of the conservation of energy to be temporarily violated and very short-lived particles to be spontaneously created and annihilated.

quantum-statistical US English

Of or relating to quantum statistics.

quantum teleportation US English

A technique exploiting the entanglement of separate quantum systems in which information about a quantum state is transferred to a distant location so that a particle can effectively be recreated there, the original state being destroyed in the process.

quantum-theoretically US English

As regards quantum theory, from the point of view of quantum theory.

quantum-electrodynamical US English

= quantum-electrodynamic.

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