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radioactive US English

Emitting or relating to the emission of ionizing radiation or particles

non-radioactive US English

Not radioactive; not involving the use of radioactive substances.

radioactive series US English

A series of radioactive nuclides each member of which decays into the next, together with a non-radioactive end product; the series of transformations relating such a set of nuclides; especially each of four such series occurring among the nuclides heavier than lead (the thorium, actinium, and radium (or uranium) series, which occur naturally and terminate with different isotopes of lead, and the neptunium series).

radioactive tracer US English

A radionuclide or radioactively labelled substance used as a tracer.

radioactive waste US English

Waste material that is radioactive, especially spent nuclear fuel.

radioactive constant US English

A number representing the speed of radioactive decay, equal to the probability of a nucleus decaying in unit time; symbol λ.

radioactive indicator US English

= radioactive tracer.

radioactive equilibrium US English

A condition in which the quantities of radioactive daughter nuclides in a material remain constant because they are formed from the parent as fast as they decay.