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random US English

Made, done, happening, or chosen without method or conscious decision

at random US English

Without method or conscious decision

random walk US English

The movements of an object or changes in a variable that follow no discernible pattern or trend

random access US English

The process of transferring information to or from memory in which every memory location can be accessed directly rather than being accessed in a fixed sequence

random error US English

An error in measurement caused by factors that vary from one measurement to another

random variable US English

A quantity having a numerical value for each member of a group, especially one whose values occur according to a frequency distribution

at random in random US English

Without method or conscious decision

nonrandom US English

Determined by or resulting from factors other than chance

pseudorandom US English

(Of a number, a sequence of numbers, or any digital data) satisfying one or more statistical tests for randomness but produced by a definite mathematical procedure

random US Thesaurus

random spot checks

random English-Spanish

al azar

random access New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

(two words, hyphen when attrib.)

random error English-Spanish

error masculine aleatorio

random number English-Spanish

número masculine aleatorio

at random in random US Thesaurus

we chose the names at random

random sample in random English-Spanish

muestra feminine aleatoria

to hit out at random in random English-Spanish

dar* golpes a diestra y siniestra

we took a random sample in sample English-Spanish

hicimos un muestreo aleatorio

the towns were selected at random in select English-Spanish

las ciudades fueron elegidas al azar

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