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rat-tail US English

A fish with a long narrow tail, in particular

rat-tail comb US English

A comb with a long tapering handle at one end.

rat-tail file US English

A fine round tapering file used for enlarging holes in metal, etc.

rat-tail grass US English

Any of several grasses with long narrow inflorescences, occurring in pastures; especially (in later use) those of the genus Sporobolus.

rat-tail hinge US English

A type of hinge having the pin extended to form a long ‘tail’ which is secured upon the lintel, side post, etc.

rat-tail rasp US English

= rat-tail file.

rat-tail spoon US English

A spoon having a rat-tail.

rat's tail file US English

A fine round file with a tapering end = rat-tail file.

rat's tail hair US English

= rat-tail hair.

rat-tail cactus US English

A Mexican cactus, Disocactus flagelliformis, having slender, creeping or trailing, spiny stems bearing crimson flowers, often cultivated as an ornamental.

rat-tail maggot US English

A rat-tailed fly larva.

rat-tail radish US English

= rat-tailed radish.

rat-tail silver US English

Designating (a piece of) cutlery or silverware, especially a spoon, having a rat-tail.

rat's tail cactus US English

= rat-tail cactus.

rat's tail fescue US English

An annual grass, Vulpia myuros, bearing long-awned spikelets in a long, narrow, one-sided panicle, occurring on walls and in other dry bare places in Eurasia and northern Africa.

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