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receiver US English

The part of a telephone apparatus contained in the earpiece, in which electrical signals are converted into sounds

receiver US Thesaurus

the receiver of a gift

air receiver US English

A container for holding air, especially compressed air.

wide receiver US English

An offensive player who is positioned at a distance from the end and is used primarily as a pass receiver

letter receiver US English

A person who receives letters to be sent by post.

crystal receiver US English

A receiver of any kind (especially a vessel or container) that is made of crystal.

general receiver US English

= receiver general.

receiver general US English

A chief receiver; specifically a public official in charge of government revenues, a treasurer.

communication receiver US English

= communications receiver.

receiver of wreck US English

(In the United Kingdom and some Commonwealth countries) a port official to whom all objects recovered from the sea or from sunken ships must be delivered for adjudication of ownership.

administrative receiver US English

A receiver appointed by a court or creditor to manage the affairs of a company in receivership, especially so as to repay any debt owed.

communications receiver US English

A radio receiver, especially one with high specifications for use in telecommunication.