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reduction US English

The action or fact of making a specified thing smaller or less in amount, degree, or size

reduction US Thesaurus

a reduction in pollution

non-reduction US English

Absence of reduction; (Cell Biol.) a lack of reduction in the number of chromosomes during meiosis as a result of ameiosis.

piano reduction US English

A transcription for piano of music for an orchestra or other ensemble.

reduction gear US English

A system of gearwheels in which the driven shaft rotates more slowly than the driving shaft

reduction print US English

A print made from a larger original.

reduction works US English

A works for the reduction or smelting of metallic ore.

reduction division US English

The division of meiosis during which separation of homologous chromosomes occurs.

reduction gearing US English

Gearing using a reduction gear.

reduction negative US English

A negative made from a larger original.

reduction printing US English

Printing at a size reduced from that of the original.

reduction sentence US English

(Especially in logical positivism) a sentence giving conditions for the use or meaning of a concept which are less strict than those imposed by a definition.

ostensive reduction US English

Reduction by the direct processes of conversion, permutation, and transposition (opposed to indirect reduction).

oxidation-reduction US English

A reaction in which one species is oxidized and another reduced; the action or process of this; oxidation and reduction; frequently attributive.

Strategic Arms Reduction Talks US English

A series of arms-reduction negotiations between the US and the former Soviet Union begun in 1983. The Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty was signed in 1987 and the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty in 1991

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