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reel US English

A cylinder on which film, wire, thread, or other flexible materials can be wound

reel something in in reel US English

Wind a line onto a reel by turning the reel

reel US Thesaurus

he reeled as the ship began to roll

re-reel US English

To rewind (paper, silk, etc.) on to a reel; to spool from one reel on to another.

open-reel US English

(Of an audiotape recorder) having reels of tape requiring individual threading, as distinct from a cassette

ram reel US English

A reel danced by men only.

reel-bird US English

Either of two Eurasian warblers having a song that is a high-pitched, mechanical-sounding trill, Savi's warbler, Locustella luscinioides, and the grasshopper warbler, L. naevia.

reel-fed US English

Designating or relating to a printing process or machine using paper from a continuous reel.

reel-out US English

The action, act, or process of unwinding something by means of rotating a reel.

reel oven US English

A type of oven used in commercial bakeries, having shelves or trays attached to a wheel or framework which revolves about a horizontal axis.

reel-room US English

A room in a cinema where reels of film are kept.

reel ship US English

A ship used to lay submarine pipelines, carried as extended lengths coiled on a reel.

reel-to-reel US English

Denoting a tape recorder in which the tape passes between two reels mounted separately rather than within a cassette, generally superseded by cassette players except for professional use

reel barge US English

A barge, especially one towed by a ship, that is used to lay submarine pipelines which are carried as extended lengths coiled on a reel; also attributive.

reel dance US English

A lively dance, a reel; (also) a piece of music to which such a dance may be performed.

reel-footed US English

Having twisted or deformed feet, or such a foot; specifically club-footed.

reel mower US English

A lawnmower having blades which form a revolving cylinder, cutting the grass against a separate fixed blade.

reel timing US English

A method of playing certain kinds of slot machine based on estimating the time taken for the reels to rotate and the likelihood of certain combinations of symbols resulting.

Scotch reel US English

A traditional Scottish dance; = reel.

fishing reel US English

A device for winding and unwinding fishing line, designed to be attached to a fishing rod

inertia reel US English

A reel device that allows a vehicle seat belt to unwind freely but locks under force of impact or rapid deceleration

reel backing US English

A supplementary line attached to a casting line and wound on to the reel first to provide extra length when needed.

reel measure US English

An extendable tape measure wound upon a reel.

reel-printing US English

A type of printing, used especially for newspapers, in which paper is drawn into the press from a continuous reel.

Virginia reel US English

A lively American country dance performed by a number of couples facing each other in parallel lines

reel something off US English

Say or recite something rapidly and without apparent effort

reelman US English

A surf lifesaver who operates the reel that feeds out and draws in the line attached by a harness to the lifesaver who swims out to rescue someone

ree-raw US English

A commotion, an uproar; a state of confused disorder; a noisy or drunken romp.

reel something off in reel US English

Say or recite something rapidly and without apparent effort

showreel US English

A short videotape containing examples of an actor’s or director’s work for showing to potential employers

eightsome US English

A lively Scottish dance for eight people

eightsome reel in eightsome US English

A lively Scottish dance for eight people

reel something off in reel US Thesaurus

she can reel off all the U.S. vice presidents in less than a minute