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regime US English

A government, especially an authoritarian one

ancien régime US English

A political or social system that has been displaced, typically by one more modern

régime in regime US English

A government, especially an authoritarian one

regime change US English

The replacement of one administration or government by another, especially by means of military force

Ancien Régime in ancien régime US English

The political and social system in France before the Revolution of 1789

regime US Thesaurus

members of the former military regime

regime English-Spanish

régimen m

regime change English-Spanish

cambiogeneralmente por fuerzas internas o externas

the Somoza regime in regime English-Spanish

el régimen de Somoza

his bid to topple the regime in bid English-Spanish

su intento de derribar al gobierno

opposition to the regime is widely based in widely English-Spanish

la oposición al régimen tiene una base muy amplia

the regime began to flex its military muscle in flex English-Spanish

el régimen empezó a mostrar su poderío militar

the new regime has installed a system of strict state control in install English-Spanish

el nuevo régimen ha instaurado un estricto sistema de control estatal