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residual US English

Remaining after the greater part or quantity has gone

residual US Thesaurus

residual heat

residual body US English

Redundant cytoplasm and organelles rejected during the latter stages of spermatid development.

residual map US English

A map or chart showing gravitational or magnetic residuals.

residual oil US English

Low-grade oil which remains after the distillation of petroleum.

residual powers US English

Those powers that remain after others left or been removed; specifically = residuary powers.

residual stress US English

The stress present in an object in the absence of any external load or force

residual sugar US English

Sugar which remains after a fermentation process, especially a kind used in the making of a foodstuff or a wine.

residual volume US English

The amount of air remaining in the lungs after maximal forcible expiration.

residual current US English

An electric current which flows briefly in a circuit after the voltage is reduced to zero, due to the momentum of the charge carriers

residual herbicide US English

A herbicide that remains in the soil so that weeds can be controlled over a period of time.

residual legatee US English

= residuary legatee.

residual hypothesis US English

A (more or less certainly known) hypothesis that remains when other possible hypotheses have been disproved or discounted.

residual current device US English

A current-activated circuit-breaker used as a safety device for mains-operated electrical tools and appliances