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respiratory US English

Of, relating to, or affecting respiration or the organs of respiration

respiratory centre US English

A region of the central nervous system which exercises control over respiration.

respiratory chain US English

The sequence of enzymes and other proteins within a mitochondrial or cell membrane, or of reactions, by which substrates are oxidized in the biochemical process of respiration.

respiratory tract US English

The passage formed by the mouth, nose, throat, and lungs, through which air passes during breathing

respiratory tree US English

A branched respiratory organ in the body cavity of sea cucumbers

respiratory acidosis US English

Acidosis caused by excessive retention of carbon dioxide in the body, typically as a result of hypoventilation or reduced circulation.

respiratory alkalosis US English

Alkalosis caused by excessive loss of carbon dioxide from the body, typically as a result of hyperventilation.

respiratory pigment US English

A substance (such as hemoglobin or hemocyanin) with a molecule consisting of protein with a pigmented prosthetic group, involved in the physiological transport of oxygen or electrons

respiratory quotient US English

The ratio of the volume of carbon dioxide evolved to that of oxygen consumed by an organism, tissue, or cell in a given time

respiratory therapist US English

A person trained in respiratory therapy.

respiratory therapy US English

Therapy designed to assist or improve breathing; specifically the management of patients receiving artificial ventilation.

respiratory distress syndrome US English

Another term for hyaline membrane disease.

respiratory syncytial virus US English

A paramyxovirus that causes disease of the respiratory tract. It is a major cause of bronchiolitis and pneumonia in young children and may be a contributing factor in sudden infant death syndrome

cardiorespiratory US English

Relating to the action of both heart and lungs

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