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reveal1 US English

Make (previously unknown or secret information) known to others

reveal2 US English

Either side surface of an aperture in a wall for a door or window

reveal US Thesaurus

the police can't reveal his whereabouts

reveal English-Spanish

revelar, desvelar, develar Latin America/América Latina

to show o reveal one's hand in hand English-Spanish

mostrar*, mostrar* el juego

I didn't want to reveal my ignorance in reveal English-Spanish

no quise poner de manifiesto mi ignorancia

I'm under instructions not to reveal anything in under English-Spanish

tengo instrucciones de no revelar nada

the door opened to reveal an untidy kitchen in reveal English-Spanish

se abrió la puerta dejando ver una cocina desordenada

a biography which purports to reveal all about … in purport English-Spanish

una biografía que, según se afirma, hace grandes revelaciones acerca de …

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