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rib US English

Each of a series of slender curved bones articulated in pairs to the spine (twelve pairs in humans), protecting the thoracic cavity and its organs

RIB US English

A small open boat with a fiberglass hull and inflatable rubber sides

be ribbed in rib US English

Mark with or form into raised bands or ridges

pin rib US English

A fine rib woven into fabric.

rib eye US English

A cut of beef from the outer side of the ribs

rib saw US English

A narrow saw used for cutting holes or sawing within a tight space.

false rib US English

Another term for floating rib.

prime rib US English

A roast or steak cut from the seven ribs immediately before the loin

rib cage US English

The bony frame formed by the ribs around the chest

rib chair US English

A kind of light open one-horse carriage having the seat enclosed by a rail supported on wooden ribs.

rib cloud US English

A cloud formation resembling ribs.

rib joint US English

Slang. a brothel (rare).

rib lever US English

A rib functioning as a lever in respiratory (or locomotory) movements.

rib-rand US English

To weave (an object) using rib-randing.

rib roast US English

Ribs that have been roasted, or are intended or prepared for roasting; a dish or joint of these.

rib roll US English

To roll (land, etc.) with a rib roller.

rib-roll US English

A farm roller with a ribbed or hooped surface.

rib sign US English

A diagnostic sign involving a rib.

rib wall US English

A rib forming the side wall of a working.

ridge rib US English

Architecture a raised moulding at the apex of a Gothic vault running along the main longitudinal axis of a nave or aisle.

true rib US English

A rib that is attached directly to the breastbone

middle rib US English

A cut of beef consisting of the ribs between the fore ribs and the chuck ribs.

movable rib US English

Zoology (in tetrapods) a rib that is capable of being moved, especially one that is free at the ventral end.

rib-bender US English

A severe blow on or to the ribs.

rib digger US English

A person given to joking, or making fun of persons or things.

rib-digging US English

The action or an act of digging (a person, animal, etc.) in the ribs.

rib-poking US English

The action of poking a person in the ribs, now typically to draw attention to a joke, innuendo, etc.; (hence figurative) the action of making a joke, especially in a sly or knowing way.

rib-randing US English

A method of weaving in which the randing rod is passed over two or more stakes at once, rather than over and under alternate stakes.

rib riding US English

A method of ascending sharp ridges by positioning oneself with one foot either side.

rib roaster US English

Sport (Cricket and Baseball). A ball bowled or pitched so as to strike the ribs. Now archaic.

rib-tickler US English

An amusing joke or story

skinny-rib US English

A tightly fitting sweater or cardigan

sternal rib US English

Another term for true rib.

surface rib US English

A rib applied to the surface of vaulting purely for decoration.

abdominal rib US English

Any of the rib-like dermal bones in the abdominal wall of certain extant and fossil reptiles and related vertebrates.

floating rib US English

Any of the lower ribs that are not attached directly to the breastbone

rib-breaking US English

The action of breaking a person's ribs, or the result of this.

rib meristem US English

The region of the shoot apical meristem which produces the cells forming the pith of the stem and petioles.

rib-ploughing US English

A method of ploughing with widely spaced furrows, in which alternate strips of land are turned over on to the unploughed land in between; an instance of this.

rib stocking US English

A close-fitting stocking made of ribbed knitted fabric; also †figurative and in figurative contexts, as the type of something flexible or elastic (obsolete).

rib-faced deer US English

A muntjac, which has two converging bony ridges extending down the face; specifically the Indian muntjac, Muntiacus muntjak.

midrib US English

A large strengthened vein along the midline of a leaf

spareribs US English

Closely trimmed ribs of pork or sometimes beef

fisherman knit US English

A type of thick ribbed knitting

rib-eye steak in rib eye US English

A cut of beef from the outer side of the ribs