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ring1 US English

A small circular band, typically of precious metal and often set with one or more gemstones, worn on a finger as an ornament or a token of marriage, engagement, or authority

ring2 US English

Make a clear resonant or vibrating sound

ring1 US Thesaurus

the rings around Saturn

ring2 US Thesaurus

church bells rang all day

the ring in ring1 US English

The profession, sport, or institution of boxing

O-ring US English

A gasket in the form of a ring with a circular cross section, typically made of pliable material, used to seal connections in pipes, tubes, etc.

ring-in US English

A horse or an athlete fraudulently substituted for another in a competition or event

jump ring US English

A wire ring made by bringing the two ends together without soldering or welding

key ring US English

A metal ring onto which keys may be threaded in order to keep them together

nose ring US English

A ring fixed in the nose of an animal, typically a bull, for leading it

ring off US English

End a telephone call by replacing the receiver

ring dyke US English

A dyke that is roughly circular in plan, formed by upwelling of magma in a conical or cylindrical fracture system

ring fort US English

A prehistoric earthwork, especially an Iron Age hill fort, defended by circular ramparts and ditches

ring main US English

An electrical supply serving a series of consumers and returning to the original source, so that each consumer has an alternative path in the event of a failure

ring-neck US English

Any of a number of ring-necked birds, in particular

ring pull US English

A ring-shaped pull tab on a can or other container

ring road US English

A bypass encircling a town

sale ring US English

An enclosure around which a circle of buyers stands at an auction to view livestock offered for sale

seal ring US English

A finger ring with a seal for impressing sealing wax

slip ring US English

A ring in a dynamo or electric motor that is attached to and rotates with the shaft, passing an electric current to a circuit via a fixed brush pressing against it

tree ring US English

Each of a number of concentric rings in the cross section of a tree trunk, representing a single year’s growth

vice ring US English

A group of criminals involved in organizing illegal prostitution

web ring US English

A number of websites with related content, offering links to one another in such a way that one may view each of them without returning to a single referring site

annual ring US English

Another term for tree ring.

dinner ring US English

A woman’s dress ring, usually with a large stone or an ornate setting, often worn on special occasions

fairy ring US English

A circular area of grass that is darker in color than the surrounding grass due to the growth of certain fungi. They were popularly believed to have been caused by fairies dancing

growth ring US English

A concentric layer of wood, shell, or bone developed during an annual or other regular period of growth

guard ring US English

A ring preventing another ring from slipping off a finger

napkin ring US English

A ring used to hold (and distinguish) a person’s table napkin when not in use

parade ring US English

A circuit at a racecourse round which horses can be walked to warm up before a race

piston ring US English

A ring on a piston sealing the gap between the piston and the cylinder wall

price ring US English

A group of traders or companies acting illegally to fix a minimum retail price for their competing products, thus forming a cartel

prize ring US English

A ring used for prizefighting

ring round US English

Telephone (several people), typically to find something out or arrange something

ring bearer US English

The person, typically a young boy, who ceremoniously bears the rings at a wedding

ring binder US English

A loose-leaf binder with ring-shaped clasps that can be opened to pass through holes in the paper

ring-bound US English

Bound in a ring binder

ring fence US English

A fence completely enclosing a farm or piece of land

ring finger US English

The finger next to the little finger, especially of the left hand, on which the wedding band is worn

ring flash US English

A circular electronic flash tube that fits around a camera lens to give shadowless lighting of a subject near the lens, especially for macrophotography

ring keeper US English

The person in charge of a game of two-up

ring-necked US English

Used in names of birds and reptiles with a band or bands of color around the neck, e.g., ring-necked pheasant

ring ouzel US English

A European thrush that resembles a blackbird with a white crescent across the breast, inhabiting upland moors and mountainous country

ring-shaped US English

Having the shape of a ring; circular

ring-tailed US English

Used in names of mammals and birds that have the tail banded in contrasting colors, e.g., ring-tailed lemur, or curled at the end, e.g., ring-tailed possum

scarf ring US English

A ring through which the ends or corners of a scarf are threaded in order to hold the scarf in position

signet ring US English

A ring with letters, usually one’s initials, or a design carved into it

smoke ring US English

A ring-shaped puff of smoke exhaled by a smoker

split ring US English

A small steel ring with two spiral turns, such as a key ring

token ring US English

A local area network in which a node can transmit only when in possession of a sequence of bits (called the token) that is passed to each node in turn

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