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ring1 US English

A small circular band, typically of precious metal and often set with one or more gemstones, worn on a finger as an ornament or a token of marriage, engagement, or authority

ring2 US English

Make a clear resonant or vibrating sound

the ring in ring1 US English

The profession, sport, or institution of boxing

ring1 US Thesaurus

the rings around Saturn

ring2 US Thesaurus

church bells rang all day

O-ring US English

A gasket in the form of a ring with a circular cross section, typically made of pliable material, used to seal connections in pipes, tubes, etc.

re-ring US English

And without object To ring again.

ring-in US English

A horse or an athlete fraudulently substituted for another in a competition or event

base ring US English

Gunnery a moulding on the breech of a cannon between the base and the first reinforce.

bell-ring US English

The ringing of a bell, especially as a signal, warning, etc.

drug ring US English

A network of people engaged in trafficking illegal drugs.

drum ring US English

Anatomy and Zoology the bony ring to which the tympanic membrane is attached; compare tympanic ring.

eye ring US English

Chiefly Ornithology. A distinctively coloured ring surrounding the eye of an animal, especially a bird.

gas ring US English

A series of gas burners arranged in a circle and used for cooking, typically as part of a cooker or hob

head-ring US English

Especially in traditional Zulu society: a large ring worn on top of the head as a mark of status by adult men, and traditionally made from fibre, resin, and beeswax, and woven into the hair.

hog ring US English

A ring or piece of bent wire put into the snout of a pig to prevent it from grubbing in the ground.

jump ring US English

A wire ring made by bringing the two ends together without soldering or welding

key ring US English

A metal ring onto which keys may be threaded in order to keep them together

mill ring US English

The meal scattered around a millstone, regarded as a perquisite of the miller.

mood ring US English

A ring set with a stone containing heat-sensitive crystals which change colour according to body temperature, supposed in this way to reflect the wearer's mood.

nose ring US English

A ring fixed in the nose of an animal, typically a bull, for leading it

oil ring US English

Engineering. A ring or chain which dips into an oil reservoir and continuously lubricates a shaft or bearing around which it revolves. Also: a piston ring serving to prevent leakage of lubricants from the cylinder.

pig ring US English

A ring or strip of metal fixed in the snout of a pig to prevent it from grubbing.

posy ring US English

A finger ring with a motto engraved inside (now historical).

ring off US English

End a telephone call by replacing the receiver

ring arc US English

A structure that appears as an arc or incomplete ring around a planet, especially Neptune, generally representing part of a complete ring in which the rest of the ring is faint or invisible.

ring beam US English

A ring-shaped beam of yarn (now rare).

ring-bill US English

The ring-necked duck, Aythya collaris, which has a white band around its grey bill.

ring bit US English

A horse's bit having rings at the ends.

ring book US English

A notebook or book having the form of a ring binder.

ring coal US English

A variety of small and usually bituminous coal suitable for use by smiths.

ring dial US English

A small portable sundial in the form of one or more graduated metal rings.

ring dogs US English

An implement used for hauling timber, consisting of two dogs connected by a ring.

ring dyke US English

A dyke that is roughly circular in plan, formed by upwelling of magma in a conical or cylindrical fracture system

ring-eyed US English

(A) = wall-eyed. (b) Having rings around the eyes.

ring fort US English

A prehistoric earthwork, especially an Iron Age hill fort, defended by circular ramparts and ditches

ring game US English

A trick involving a ring.

ring gear US English

A gear in the form of a ring, having teeth on its inner circumference; (in later use) such a gear or (later) any gear on the flywheel of an internal-combustion engine which is driven by the pinion of a starter motor, so communicating power from the motor to the engine.

ring hunt US English

A hunt in which the animals are encircled by a ring of fire or hunters.

ring-key US English

A key that can be put on a finger.

ring kop US English

An African tribesman or warrior entitled to wear a head-ring.

ring-lead US English

To be the ringleader among (a group of people) or of (an action or enterprise).

ring main US English

An electrical supply serving a series of consumers and returning to the original source, so that each consumer has an alternative path in the event of a failure

ring man US English

(A name for) the ring finger. Now regional and nursery.

ring-neck US English

Any of a number of ring-necked birds, in particular

ring net US English

Poetic. A coat of mail.

ring-net US English

To catch or fish for using a ring net.

ring play US English

Any of various types of games played in a circle with dance movements and singing.

ring post US English

A post used in the construction of scaffolding.

ring pull US English

A ring-shaped pull tab on a can or other container

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