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roll US English

Move or cause to move in a particular direction by turning over and over on an axis

roll in US English

Be received in large amounts

roll up US English

Arrive in a vehicle

roll-up US English

A hand-rolled cigarette

roll-on US English

(Of deodorant or cosmetic) applied by means of a rotating ball in the neck of the container

bog roll US English

A roll of toilet paper

pipe roll US English

The annual records of the British Exchequer from the 12th to the 19th century

rag-roll US English

Create a striped or marbled effect on (a surface) by painting it with a rag crumpled up into a roll

roll bar US English

A metal bar running up the sides and across the top of a vehicle, especially one used in motor sports, strengthening its frame and protecting the occupants should the vehicle overturn

roll cage US English

A framework of reinforcements protecting a car’s passenger cabin in the event that it should roll onto its roof

roll call US English

The process of calling out a list of names to establish who is present

roll cast US English

A cast in which the angler does not throw the line backward

roll feed US English

A feed mechanism supplying material in sheet form, e.g. paper, by means of rollers

roll film US English

Photographic film with protective lightproof backing paper wound onto a spool

roll-neck US English

A high loosely turned-over collar

roll-off US English

The smooth fall of response to zero at either end of the frequency range of a piece of audio equipment

rent roll US English

A register of a landlord’s lands and buildings with the rents due from them

egg roll US English

A Chinese-style snack consisting of diced meat or shrimp and shredded vegetables wrapped in a dough made with egg and deep-fried

snap roll US English

A maneuver in which an aircraft makes a single quick revolution about its longitudinal axis while flying horizontally

leaf roll US English

A virus disease of potatoes marked by upward curling of the leaves

loo roll US English

A roll of toilet paper

barrel roll US English

An aerobatic maneuver in which an aircraft follows a single turn of a spiral while rolling once about its longitudinal axis

bridge roll US English

A small, soft bread roll with a long, thin shape

piano roll US English

A roll of perforated paper that controls the movement of the keys in a player piano or similar instrument, so producing a particular melody

Patent Roll US English

(In the UK) a parchment roll listing the patents issued in a particular year

on a roll US English

Experiencing a prolonged spell of success or good luck

court roll US English

The record kept by a manorial court of rent paid and property held by tenants

dandy roll US English

A roller that is used to solidify partly formed paper during its manufacture, and to impress the water mark

Eskimo roll US English

A complete rollover in kayaking, from upright to capsized to upright

French roll US English

A crisp roll of French bread

toilet roll US English

A roll of toilet paper

spring roll US English

An Asian snack consisting of rice paper filled with minced vegetables and usually meat, rolled into a cylinder and fried

Swiss roll US English

A jelly roll

kaiser roll US English

A round, soft bread roll with a crisp crust, made by folding the corners of a square of dough into the center, resulting in a pinwheel shape when baked

jelly roll US English

A cylindrical cake with a spiral cross section, made from a flat sponge cake spread with a filling such as jam and rolled up

muster roll US English

An official list of officers and men in a military unit or ship’s company

blanket roll US English

A blanket or sleeping bag made into a cylindrical roll for ease of carrying, often with utensils and other personal supplies inside; a bedroll

cabbage roll US English

A boiled cabbage leaf that is formed into a roll with a stuffing of rice and minced meat and then baked

sausage roll US English

A piece of sausage meat wrapped in pastry and baked

victory roll US English

A roll performed by an aircraft as a sign of triumph, typically after a successful mission

kitchen roll US English

Kitchen paper

California roll US English

A roll of sushi with a filling containing avocado, cucumber, and crabmeat

electoral roll US English

In the UK, an official list of the people in a district who are entitled to vote in an election

roll-in roll-out US English

A method or the process of switching data or code between main and auxiliary memories in order to process several tasks simultaneously

roll-on roll-off US English

Denoting a passenger ferry or other method of transportation in which vehicles are driven directly on at the start of the voyage or journey and driven off at the end of it

ready to roll US English

(Of a person, vehicle, or thing) fully prepared to start functioning or moving

roll of honor US English

A list of people whose deeds or achievements are honored, or who have died in battle

roll one's own US English

Make one’s own cigarettes from loose tobacco

rock and roll US English

A type of popular dance music originating in the 1950s, characterized by a heavy beat and simple melodies. Rock and roll was an amalgam of black rhythm and blues and white country music, usually based on a twelve-bar structure and an instrumentation of guitar, bass, and drums

roll in in roll US English

Be received in large amounts

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