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rosin US English

Resin, especially the solid amber residue obtained after the distillation of crude turpentine oleoresin, or of naphtha extract from pine stumps. It is used in adhesives, varnishes, and inks and for treating the bows of stringed instruments

rosin-end US English

A waxed thread used by a cobbler; the rosined end of this.

rosin gas US English

Gas obtained by the distillation of rosin.

rosin oil US English

An oil obtained by the distillation of rosin.

rosin flux US English

Soldering flux which is made from rosin.

rosin plant US English

= rosinweed.

rosin rose US English

Any of several St John's worts (genus Hypericum); especially the rose of Sharon, H. calycinum, which has a resinous odour.

roasting ear US English

An ear of maize or sweetcorn suitable for cooking, especially by roasting. Also in to be in roasting ear: (of maize) to be ripe for harvest; to be suitable for cooking.