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rumor US English

A currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth

rumor mill US English

Used to refer to the process by which rumors and gossip are originated and circulated among a group of people

rumormonger US English

A person who spreads rumors

rumor US Thesaurus

do you think the talk of her resignation is fact or just rumor?

rumor English-Spanish

rumor masculine

rumor Spanish-English

rumor, rumour

rumor has it that … in have English-Spanish

corre el rumor de que …

rumor has it (that) … in rumor English-Spanish

se rumorea que …, corre el rumor de que …

corre el rumor de que … in correr Spanish-English

there is a rumor going around that …, word

el rumor del agua/viento in rumor Spanish-English

the murmur of the water/wind

to circulate the rumor that … in circulate English-Spanish

hacer* correr la voz de que …

el rumor fue antesala de un gran escándalo in antesala Spanish-English

the rumor was the prelude to a great scandal

the government moved swiftly to crush the rumor in crush English-Spanish

el gobierno actuó con rapidez para acallar el rumor

there's not a speck of truth in the rumor in speck English-Spanish

no hay ni pizca de verdad en el rumor

se difundió un comunicado desmintiendo el rumor in difundir Spanish-English

a communiqué was issued denying the rumor

he tried to assure them that the rumor was false in assure English-Spanish

trató de convencerlos de que el rumor era falso

can you suggest a possible source for this rumor? in suggest English-Spanish

¿se le ocurre quién puede haber empezado este rumor?

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