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run US English

Move at a speed faster than a walk, never having both or all the feet on the ground at the same time

run US Thesaurus

she ran across the road

go deep US English

(Of emotions, beliefs, etc.) be strongly and wholeheartedly felt or held

work oneself into the ground US English

Exhaust oneself by working (or running) very hard

run in run US English

Move at a speed faster than a walk, never having both or all the feet on the ground at the same time

go to seed US English

(Of a plant) cease flowering as the seeds develop

run at US English

Rush toward (someone) to attack or as if to attack them

run on US English

Continue without stopping; go on longer than is expected

run-on US English

Denoting a line of verse in which a sentence is continued without a pause beyond the end of a line, couplet, or stanza

run to US English

Extend to or reach (a specified amount or size)

run-in US English

A disagreement or fight, especially with someone in an official position

run-up US English

A marked rise in the value or level of something

run-in US Thesaurus

his latest run-in with the authorities

dry run US English

A rehearsal of a performance or procedure before the real one

end run US English

An attempt by the ballcarrier to run around the end of the defensive line

fun run US English

A noncompetitive run, especially for sponsored runners in support of a charity

hen run US English

An enclosed area in which hens may move freely in the open

mud run US English

An event in which participants negotiate a course consisting of various obstacles, many of which are filled or covered with mud

rat run US English

A minor, typically residential street used by drivers during peak periods to avoid congestion on main roads

run dry US English

(Of a well or river) cease to flow or have any water

run low US English

Become depleted

run out US English

(Of a supply of something) be used up

sea-run US English

(Of a migratory fish, especially a trout or salmon) having returned to the sea after spawning

ski run US English

A track on a slope for skiing

bench run US English

Another term for bench test.

Bull Run US English

A small river in eastern Virginia that was the scene of two Confederate victories—1861 and 1862—during the Civil War

bump run US English

A ski run with many small mounds on it, caused by skiers turning in the same places

close-run US English

Won or lost by a very small margin

dummy run US English

A practice or trial

fresh-run US English

(Of a migratory fish, especially a salmon) newly arrived in fresh water from the sea in order to spawn

run high US English

(Of a river) be full and close to overflowing, with a strong current

home run US English

A fair hit that allows the batter to make a complete circuit of the bases without stopping and score a run

milk run US English

A routine, uneventful journey, especially by plane

pinch-run US English

Substitute for another as a base runner, typically at a critical point in the game

press run US English

The operation of a printing press for a single job (the number or entire set of items produced in such an operation)

print run US English

The number of copies of a book, magazine, etc., printed at one time

run riot US English

Behave in a violent and unrestrained way

root run US English

The space over which the roots of a plant extend

run after US English

Seek to acquire or attain; pursue persistently

run along US English

Go away (used typically to address a child)

run away US English

Leave or escape from a place, person, or situation of danger

run into US English

Collide with

run over US English

(Of a container or its contents) overflow

run with US English

Proceed with; accept

run-flat US English

Relating to or denoting a kind of tyre which does not deflate after puncturing

sheep run US English

(Especially in Australia) an extensive tract of land on which sheep are pastured

short-run US English

Taken or considered over a short time period; short-term

split run US English

A print run of a newspaper during which some articles or advertisements are changed so as to produce different editions

trial run US English

A test of the operation of a new system or product

run wild US English

(Of an animal, plant, or person) grow or develop without restraint or discipline

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