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scale1 US English

Each of the small, thin horny or bony plates protecting the skin of fish and reptiles, typically overlapping one another

scale2 US English

An instrument for weighing. Scales were originally simple balances (pairs of scales) but are now usually devices with an internal weighing mechanism housed under a platform on which the thing to be weighed is placed, with a gauge or electronic display showing the weight

scale3 US English

A graduated range of values forming a standard system for measuring or grading something

to scale US English

With a uniform reduction or enlargement

to scale in scale3 US English

With a uniform reduction or enlargement

scale1 US Thesaurus

reptiles have scales covering the skin

scale2 US Thesaurus

the Richter scale

pay scale US English

A graded scale of wages or salaries paid within a particular organization or profession

red scale US English

Either of two scale insects of the family Diaspididae which infest orange trees: (more fully California red scale) Aonidiella aurantii, and (more fully Florida red scale) Chrysomphalus aonidum.

in scale US English

(Of a drawing or model) in proportion to the surroundings

Baumé scale US English

A scale with arbitrary markings, used with a hydrometer to measure the relative density of liquids

black scale US English

A destructive soft scale insect, Saissetia oleae, that infests olive, citrus, and other cultivated plants in warm countries.

blues scale US English

Any of various scales commonly used in the blues, especially a major scale with the imposition of one or more blue notes.

Brix scale US English

A hydrometer scale for measuring the amount of sugar in a solution at a given temperature

full-scale US English

Of the same size as the thing represented

human scale US English

A scale appropriate, specific, or comprehensible to people; now especially with reference to architecture or design (frequently attributive).

iron scale US English

A coating of ferric oxide which forms on iron and steel during hot working and can be separated as thin flakes; mill scale.

large-scale US English

Involving large numbers or a large area; extensive

macro-scale US English

A large or macroscopic scale; (Chemistry) the scale of macroanalysis.

micro-scale US English

A small or microscopic scale; (Chemistry) the scale of microanalysis.

mill scale US English

A coating of iron oxide formed on iron or steel during hot working.

Mohs' scale US English

A scale of hardness used in classifying minerals. It runs from 1 to 10 using a series of reference minerals, and a position on the scale depends on the ability to scratch minerals rated lower

open scale US English

A set of graduations or a scale of values having either a wide range or no upper limit.

pilot-scale US English

Carried out on the scale of a pilot scheme, small-scale; of the nature of an experimental or exploratory project.

plain scale US English

= plane scale.

roll scale US English

Flakes of iron oxide dislodged from iron or steel in the process of rolling.

scale armor US English

Armor consisting of small overlapping plates of metal, leather, or horn

scale board US English

Very thin wood used (especially formerly) in bookbinding, making hatboxes, and backing pictures

scale leaf US English

A small modified leaf, especially a colorless membranous one, such as on a rhizome or forming part of a bulb

scent scale US English

= androconium.

small-scale US English

Of limited size or extent

soft scale US English

Any of various scale insects constituting the family Coccidae, many of which are pests; especially (more fully brown soft scale) Coccus hesperidum, which attacks a wide variety of greenhouse plants and fruit trees.

full-scale US Thesaurus

a full-scale model

large-scale US Thesaurus

a large-scale program

Fujita scale US English

A scale of tornado severity with numbers from 0 to 6, based on the degree of observed damage

Kelvin scale US English

A scale of temperature with absolute zero as zero, and the triple point of water as exactly 273.16 degrees

letter-scale US English

A scale used for weighing letters or packages.

Likert scale US English

A scale used to represent people’s attitudes to a topic

manning scale US English

A means or rule for calculating the number of personnel required for a particular task, project, etc.

mirror scale US English

A graduated scale provided with an adjacent mirror so that parallax errors may be avoided when taking readings.

mussel scale US English

= oyster shell scale.

natural scale US English

A musical scale containing no sharps or flats; specifically the scale of C major.

Newton's scale US English

A scale devised by Newton which records the order and relative position of the series of colours which appear in Newton's rings and in similar sets of fringes formed by interference in thin films and in birefringent crystals; (more generally) this series of colours. Now rare.

oyster scale US English

= oyster shell scale.

Planck scale US English

The scale of events happening over a distance of the order of the Planck length and in a time of the order of the Planck time.

Réaumur scale US English

An obsolete scale of temperature at which water freezes at 0° and boils at 80° under standard conditions

Richter scale US English

A numerical scale for expressing the magnitude of an earthquake on the basis of seismograph oscillations. The more destructive earthquakes typically have magnitudes between about 5.5 and 8.9; the scale is logarithmic and a difference of one represents an approximate thirtyfold difference in magnitude

scale insect US English

A small insect with a protective shieldlike scale. It spends most of its life attached by its mouth to a single plant, sometimes occurring in such large numbers that it becomes a serious pest

Scotch scale US English

A pentatonic scale in which the fourth and seventh are omitted from the ordinary major scale, characteristic of traditional Scottish music (though common in other cultures).

sliding scale US English

A scale of fees, taxes, wages, etc., that varies in accordance with variation of some standard

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