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science US English

The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment

science US Thesaurus

he teaches science at the high school

big science US English

Scientific research that is expensive and involves large teams of scientists

earth science US English

The branch of science dealing with the physical constitution of the earth and its atmosphere

human science US English

A branch of study which deals with people or their actions, including the social sciences and the humanities, as contrasted with the natural sciences or physical sciences

junk science US English

Untested or unproven theories when presented as scientific fact, especially in a court of law

moral science US English

Social sciences and/or philosophy

pure science US English

A science depending on deductions from demonstrated truths, such as mathematics or logic, or studied without regard to practical applications

science park US English

An area devoted to scientific research or the development of science-based or technological industries

soil science US English

The branch of science concerned with the formation, nature, ecology, and classification of soils

citizen science US English

The collection and analysis of data relating to the natural world by members of the general public, typically as part of a collaborative project with professional scientists

library science US English

The study of collecting, preserving, cataloging, and making available books and other documents in libraries

natural science US English

A branch of science that deals with the physical world, e.g., physics, chemistry, geology, and biology

science fiction US English

Fiction based on imagined future scientific or technological advances and major social or environmental changes, frequently portraying space or time travel and life on other planets

Science Museum US English

A national museum of science, technology, and industry in South Kensington, London

social science US English

The scientific study of human society and social relationships

behavioral science US English

The scientific study of human and animal behavior

Christian Science US English

The beliefs and practices of the Church of Christ Scientist, a Christian sect founded by Mary Baker Eddy in 1879. Members hold that only God and the mind have ultimate reality, and that sin and illness are illusions that can be overcome by prayer and faith

cognitive science US English

The study of thought, learning, and mental organization, which draws on aspects of psychology, linguistics, philosophy, and computer modeling

computer science US English

The study of the principles and use of computers

creation science US English

The interpretation of scientific knowledge in accord with belief in the literal truth of the Bible, especially regarding the creation of matter, life, and humankind in six days

domestic science US English

The study of household skills such as cooking or sewing, especially as taught at school; home economics

forensic science US English

The application of scientific methods and techniques to matters under investigation by a court of law

military science US English

The study of the causes and tactical principles of warfare

political science US English

The branch of knowledge that deals with systems of government; the analysis of political activity and behavior

engineering science US English

The parts of science concerned with the physical and mathematical basis of engineering and machine technology

information science US English

The study of processes for storing and retrieving information, especially scientific or technical information

agriscience US English

The application of science to agriculture

bioscience US English

Any of the life sciences

nanoscience US English

The study of objects, phenomena, etc., on the nanometer scale

physical sciences US English

The sciences concerned with the study of inanimate natural objects, including physics, chemistry, astronomy, and related subjects

pseudoscience US English

A collection of beliefs or practices mistakenly regarded as being based on scientific method