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shadow US English

A dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface

shadow US Thesaurus

he saw her shadow in the doorway

rain shadow US English

A region having little rainfall because it is sheltered from prevailing rain-bearing winds by a range of hills

shadow mask US English

A perforated metal screen situated directly behind the phosphor screen in certain types of color television tubes, having a pattern of precisely located holes through which the electron beams pass so as to strike the correct dots on the phosphor screen

shadow play US English

A display in which the shadows of flat jointed puppets are cast on a screen that is viewed by the audience from the other side. Such shows originated in East Asia, and were popular in London and Paris in the 18th and 19th centuries; they survive in traditional form in Java and Bali

shadow work US English

Embroidery done in shadow stitch

shadow price US English

The estimated price of a good or service for which no market price exists

shadow stitch US English

A crisscross embroidery stitch used on sheer materials for filling in spaces, worked on the reverse side so as to show through in a shadowy way with an outline resembling a backstitch

shadow banking US English

Lending and other financial activities conducted by unregulated institutions or under unregulated conditions

shadow economy US English

Illicit economic activity (such as black market transactions and undeclared work) existing alongside a country’s official economy

five o'clock shadow US English

A dark appearance on a man’s chin and face caused by the slight growth of beard that has occurred since he shaved in the morning

be frightened of one's shadow US English

Be very timid or nervous

eyeshadow US English

A colored cosmetic, typically in powder form, applied to the eyelids or to the skin around the eyes to accentuate them

shadowbox US English

Spar with an imaginary opponent as a form of training

beyond doubt US English

Allowing no uncertainty