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sheet1 US English

A large rectangular piece of cotton or other fabric, used on a bed to cover the mattress and as a layer beneath blankets when these are used

sheet2 US English

A rope attached to the lower corner of a sail for securing or extending the sail or for altering its direction

sheet US Thesaurus

she changed the sheets

bed sheet US English

A sheet for a bed

ice sheet US English

A permanent layer of ice covering an extensive tract of land, especially a polar region

jib sheet US English

A rope by which a jib is trimmed

rap sheet US English

A criminal record

cheat sheet US English

A piece of paper bearing written notes intended to aid one’s memory, typically one used surreptitiously in an examination

cover sheet US English

A page sent as the first page of a fax transmission, identifying the sender, number of pages, etc.

crime sheet US English

A form on which police record details of a reported crime

dryer sheet US English

A fabric softener sheet

dust sheet US English

British term for drop cloth.

fact sheet US English

A sheet of paper giving useful information about a particular issue, especially one distributed for publicity purposes

flat sheet US English

An ordinary sheet for a bed as distinct from a fitted one

free sheet US English

A free newspaper

news-sheet US English

A simple form of newspaper; a newsletter

proof sheet US English

A page of proofed text; a proof

sheet bend US English

A knot used for temporarily fastening one rope through the loop of another

sheet metal US English

Metal formed into thin sheets, typically by rolling or hammering

sheet music US English

Printed music, as opposed to performed or recorded music

sheet pile US English

A pile that is pressed or molded from sheet metal or vinyl so as to interlock with other such piles to form a retaining wall or other piling installation

short-sheet US English

Fold and arrange the sheet on (a bed) in such a way that anyone getting into the bed will be unable to stretch their legs out beyond the middle of the bed, as a practical joke

style sheet US English

A manual detailing the house style of a particular publisher, publication, etc.

tear sheet US English

A page that can be or has been removed from a newspaper, magazine, or book for use separately

time sheet US English

A piece of paper for recording the number of hours worked

style sheet New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

editor's list of forms preferred in a text; Computing file for standardizing documents

tear sheet New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

page that can be removed from a newspaper, magazine, or book for separate use

baking sheet US English

A metal tray on which food may be cooked in an oven

balance sheet US English

A statement of the assets, liabilities, and capital of a business or other organization at a particular point in time, detailing the balance of income and expenditure over the preceding period

charge sheet US English

A record made in a police station of the charges against a person

conduct sheet US English

A form used in schools and the armed forces to record someone’s offences and punishments

contact sheet US English

A piece of photographic paper onto which several or all of the negatives on a roll of film have been contact printed

cookie sheet US English

A flat metal tray on which cookies are baked

fitted sheet US English

A fabric sheet with elasticated corners designed to fit tightly over a mattress

flowing sheet US English

A sheet (rope) that has been eased to allow free movement in the wind

plasma sheet US English

A layer of plasma in the magnetotail of the earth (or another planet), lying in the equatorial plane beyond the plasmapause, with two divergent branches that reach the earth at polar latitudes

scandal sheet US English

A newspaper or magazine giving prominence to scandalous stories or gossip

sheet anchor US English

A person or thing that is very dependable and relied upon in the last resort

sheet feeder US English

A device for feeding paper into a computer printer a sheet at a time

winding sheet US English

A sheet in which a corpse is wrapped for burial; a shroud

sheet lightning US English

Lightning with its brightness diffused by reflection within clouds

sheet something home in sheet2 US English

Extend a sail by tightening the sheets so that the sail is set as flat as possible

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