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shell US English

The hard protective outer case of a mollusk or crustacean

shell US Thesaurus

a crab shell

one's shell in shell US English

Used with reference to a state of shyness or introversion

she'll US English

She shall; she will

ear shell US English

Another term for abalone.

pen shell US English

A large, wedge-shaped, bivalve mollusk of warm seas that burrows into the seabed where it attaches itself by strong byssus threads

shell bit US English

A gouge-shaped boring bit

shell egg US English

An egg bought or sold in its natural state in the shell

shell top US English

A short sleeveless top, typically having button fastenings down the back and a simple shape with a high neckline

top shell US English

A marine mollusc which has a low conical shell with a pearly interior, widespread in tropical and temperate seas

cone shell US English

Shell a predatory mollusk of warm seas, with a conical shell that typically displays intricate patterns. It captures prey by injecting venom, which can be lethal to humans, and the shells are popular with collectors

dove shell US English

A small mollusc with a robust shell, occurring in tropical and subtropical seas

file shell US English

A free-swimming bivalve mollusc, the shell of which is typically white and has a rough, ribbed external surface

hard-shell US English

Having a hard shell or outer casing

horn shell US English

A mollusk with a long tapering shell, occurring in brackish and marine waters

lamp shell US English

A marine invertebrate that superficially resembles a bivalve mollusk but has two or more arms of ciliated tentacles (lophophores) that are extended for filter feeding. Lamp shells are common as fossils

otter shell US English

A burrowing marine bivalve mollusc with a relatively thin elliptical shell

patty shell US English

A shell of puff pastry with a cooked meat or vegetable filling

razor shell US English

British term for razor clam.

shell game US English

A game involving sleight of hand, in which three inverted cups or nutshells are moved about, and contestants must spot which is the one with a pea or other object underneath

shell heap US English

A mound of domestic waste consisting mainly of shells, common at prehistoric sites

shell lime US English

Fine-quality lime produced by roasting seashells

shell money US English

Shells used as a medium of exchange, especially wampum

shell pink US English

A delicate pale pink

shell shock US English

Psychological disturbance caused by prolonged exposure to active warfare, especially being under bombardment

shell suit US English

A casual outfit consisting of a loose jacket and trousers with elasticated waist, having a soft lining and a shiny polyester outer shell

spire shell US English

A marine or freshwater mollusk with a long conical spiral shell

star shell US English

An explosive projectile designed to burst in the air and light up an enemy’s position

tooth shell US English

A burrowing mollusk with a slender tusk-shaped shell, which is open at both ends and typically white, and a three-lobed foot

tulip shell US English

A predatory marine mollusk with a sculptured spiral shell resembling that of a whelk

tusk shell US English

Another term for tooth shell.

vase shell US English

A predatory mollusk of warm seas, with a heavy ribbed shell that has blunt spines and is typically pale with chestnut markings

wedge shell US English

A marine bivalve mollusc which has a somewhat triangular shell

worm shell US English

A marine mollusc with a shell that forms loose irregular coils, giving it a worm-like appearance

breast shell US English

A shallow plastic receptacle that fits over the nipple of a lactating woman to catch any milk that flows

carpet shell US English

A burrowing bivalve mollusk of temperate and warm seas, with concentric growth rings and irregular colored markings

carrier shell US English

A mollusc of warm seas which camouflages itself by cementing shell fragments and pebbles to its shell

scallop shell US English

A single valve from the shell of a scallop

shell company US English

An inactive company used as a vehicle for various financial maneuvers or kept dormant for future use in some other capacity

shell jacket US English

An army officer’s tight-fitting undress jacket reaching to the waist

shell program US English

A program that provides an interface between the user and the operating system

shell-shocked US English

Suffering from shell shock

spindle shell US English

A predatory marine mollusc which has a shell that forms a long slender spiral with a narrow canal extending downwards from the aperture

sunset shell US English

A burrowing bivalve mollusc with a long oval shell which (in some kinds) is pinkish with ray-like markings

trough shell US English

A burrowing marine bivalve mollusk with a thin, smooth shell

trumpet shell US English

The shell of a large marine mollusk that can be blown to produce a loud note

pheasant shell US English

A small marine mollusc which has a glossy white shell with red-brown markings. The foot bears a conspicuous white operculum

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