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shoe US English

A covering for the foot, typically made of leather, with a sturdy sole and not reaching above the ankle

boat shoe US English

A flat canvas or leather shoe with rubber soles to provide good traction on boat decks

deck shoe US English

Another term for boat shoe.

gym shoe US English

A light rubber-soled canvas shoe, suitable for sports or casual wear

high shoe US English

A boot or shoe having a high upper. Usually in plural Now chiefly historical (US in later use).

hot shoe US English

A socket on a camera with direct electrical contacts for an attached flashgun or other accessory

monk shoe US English

A shoe having a fully-covered instep, and fastened with a strap and side buckle.

mud-shoe US English

An attachment or appendage to the shoes, facilitating movement over soft mud (now historical); a similar attachment to a vehicle.

pile shoe US English

An iron or steel cap fitted to the base of a pile to protect it and to assist in breaking ground.

plod shoe US English

A plain hard-wearing shoe.

pole shoe US English

A detachable extension of a pole piece.

puss shoe US English

= puss boot.

shoe tree US English

A shaped block inserted into a shoe when it is not being worn, to keep the shoe in shape

soft-shoe US English

A kind of tap dance performed in soft-soled shoes

tap shoe US English

A shoe with a specially hardened sole or attached metal plates at toe and heel to make a tapping sound in tap dancing

ballet shoe US English

A light, round-toed shoe with very flat heels for women or girls, resembling the type worn by ballet dancers

black shoe US English

A surface naval officer, as opposed to an aviator or submariner; frequently attributive, especially in black-shoe navy.

brake shoe US English

Either of the long curved blocks that press on the inside of the brake drum

brown shoe US English

A naval aviator; frequently attributive, especially in brown-shoe navy.

court shoe US English

A woman’s plain, lightweight shoe that has a low-cut upper, no fastening, and typically a medium heel

Indian shoe US English

Originally North American. A moccasin.

jelly shoe US English

A sandal made from brightly colored or translucent molded plastic

monk's shoe US English

= monk shoe.

patten shoe US English

A kind of horseshoe raised by means of a hollow hemisphere soldered on, intended for lame horses.

plough shoe US English

Any of various devices for covering, protecting, or supporting a ploughshare.

pointe shoe US English

A shoe with a strengthened toe for dancing on pointe.

point shoe US English

A shoe with a pointed toe.

saddle shoe US English

A white oxford shoe with a piece of leather in a contrasting color (typically black or brown) stitched across the instep

tennis shoe US English

A light canvas or leather soft-soled shoe suitable for tennis or casual wear

track shoe US English

A running shoe

white-shoe US English

Denoting a company, especially a law firm, owned and run by members of the WASP elite, generally regarded as cautious and conservative

cricket shoe US English

Each of a pair of shoes, usually with spiked soles, designed for playing cricket; usually in plural.

cycling shoe US English

A shoe designed to be worn while cycling; (now usually) specifically one having a special sole to which a cleat can be attached.

platform shoe US English

A shoe with a platform sole.

running shoe US English

Each of a pair of shoes worn or designed to be worn while running; (now) specifically = trainer.

shoe leather US English

Used in reference to the wear on shoes through walking

trainer shoe US English

(Originally) a shoe designed to be the first footwear of a young child, especially one who is beginning to walk.

training shoe US English

A soft shoe designed to be used for athletic training

walking shoe US English

A sturdy, practical shoe with good treads, suitable for regular or extensive walking

accessory shoe US English

A fitting or socket on a camera that is used for the temporary attachment of a flash, spirit level, etc.

ballerina shoe US English

A light, flat-heeled, and now usually strapless women's or girl's shoe similar to the type worn by ballerinas.

white shoe brigade US English

Wealthy businesspeople of Queensland in the 1980s, typically property developers, especially when perceived as aggressively commercial, vulgarly showy, and politically conservative

if the shoe fits, wear it US English

Used as a way of suggesting that someone should accept a generalized remark or criticism as applying to themselves

the shoe is on the other foot US English

The situation, in particular the holding of advantage, has reversed

wait for the other shoe to drop US English

Be prepared for a further or consequential event or complication to occur

shoe leather in shoe US English

Used in reference to the wear on shoes through walking

shoebox US English

A box in which a pair of shoes is delivered or sold

shoegazing US English

A style of rock music characterized by a sound in which the distinctions between separate instruments and vocals are blurred

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