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shot1 US English

The firing of a gun or cannon

shot2 US English

past and past participle of shoot.

shot3 US English

A bill or one’s share of it, especially in a pub

shot US Thesaurus

a shot rang out

shot in shoot US English

Kill or wound (a person or animal) with a bullet or arrow

in shot1 US English

A ball of stone or metal used as a missile fired from a large gun or cannon

lead shot in shot1 US English

Tiny lead pellets used in quantity in a single charge or cartridge in a shotgun

air shot US English

A missed attempt to hit or kick a ball

big shot US English

An important or influential person

case shot US English

Bullets or pieces of metal in an iron case fired from a cannon

chip shot US English

A stroke at which the ball is or must be chipped into the air

dead shot US English

An extremely accurate marksman or markswoman

drop shot US English

(Chiefly in tennis or squash) a softly hit shot, usually with backspin, which drops abruptly to the ground

dust shot US English

The smallest size of gunshot

foul shot US English

Another term for free throw.

hook shot US English

A one-handed shot in which a player extends one arm out to the side and over the head toward the basket

jump shot US English

A shot made while jumping

lead shot US English

Another term for shot333.

long shot US English

A venture or guess that has only the slightest chance of succeeding or being accurate

mid shot US English

A shot taken at a medium distance

moon shot US English

The launching of a spacecraft to the moon

mug shot US English

A photograph of a person’s face made for an official purpose, especially police records

one-shot US English

Achieved with a single attempt or action

pack shot US English

(In advertising) a close-up picture of the advertised product in its packaging

set shot US English

A shot made while standing still

shot hole US English

A hole made by the passage of a shot

shot-peen US English

Shape (sheet metal) by bombarding it with a stream of metal shot

shot put US English

An athletic contest in which a very heavy round ball is thrown as far as possible

slap shot US English

A hard shot made by raising the stick about waist-high before striking the puck with a sharp slapping motion

two shot US English

A movie or television shot of two people together

chain shot US English

Pairs of cannonballs or half balls joined by a chain, fired from cannons in sea battles in order to damage masts and rigging

Indian shot US English

See canna.

jello shot US English

An alcoholic beverage consisting of liquor incorporated into sweetened gelatin dessert and chilled in a small container

money shot US English

(In a pornographic film) a scene in a pornographic movie in which an actor ejaculates

pistol shot US English

A shot fired from a pistol

rifle shot US English

A shot fired from a rifle

round shot US English

Ammunition in the form of cast-iron or steel spherical balls for firing from cannon

shot-blast US English

Clean or strip (a metal or other surface) by directing a high-speed stream of steel particles at it

shot-firer US English

A person who fires a blasting charge, for example in mining

shot glass US English

A small glass used for serving liquor

shot tower US English

A tower in which shot was made from molten lead poured through sieves at the top and falling into water at the bottom

slung shot US English

A hard object, such as a metal ball, attached by a strap or thong to the wrist and used as a weapon

space shot US English

The launch of a spacecraft and its subsequent progress in space

split shot US English

Small pellets used to weight a fishing line

wrist shot US English

A type of shot in which the puck is swept along the ice against the stick and then released with a rotating motion of the wrists

approach shot US English

A stroke that sends the ball from the fairway onto or nearer to the green

Parthian shot US English

Another term for parting shot.

parting shot US English

A final remark, typically a cutting one, made by someone at the moment of departure

passing shot US English

A winning shot beyond and out of reach of one’s opponent

reaction shot US English

(In a film or video recording) a portrayal of a person’s response to an event or to a statement made by another

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