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show US English

Be or allow or cause to be visible

show US Thesaurus

the stitches do not show

give the game away US English

Inadvertently reveal something secret or concealed

no-show US English

A person who has made a reservation, booking, or appointment but neither keeps nor cancels it

on show US English

Being exhibited

show up US English

Be conspicuous or clearly visible

air show US English

A show at which aircraft perform aerial displays

chat show US English

British term for talk show.

film show US English

An act or instance of showing a film to an audience, typically to accompany a talk or entertainment

game show US English

A television program in which people compete to win prizes

gang show US English

A locally produced variety show performed annually by members of the Scout and Guide Association

ice show US English

An entertainment performed by ice skaters

leg show US English

A theatrical production in which dancing girls display their legs

peep show US English

A sequence of pictures viewed through a lens or hole set into a box, traditionally offered as a public entertainment

quiz show US English

A television or radio light entertainment program in which people compete in a quiz, typically for prizes

road show US English

A touring show of performers, especially pop musicians

for show US English

For the sake of appearance rather than for use

show off US English

Make a deliberate or pretentious display of one’s abilities or accomplishments

show-off US English

A person who acts pretentiously or who publicly parades themselves, their possessions, or their accomplishments

show out US English

Reveal that one has no cards of a particular suit

show bag US English

A bag of goods, especially trade samples or publicity material, available at events such as annual shows

show band US English

A band that plays cover versions of popular songs

show bill US English

An advertising poster, especially for a theater performance

show biz US English

Informal term for show business.

show pony US English

A stylish or flamboyant person, especially a performer, who enjoys being in the limelight

show time US English

The time at which a play, film, or concert is scheduled to begin

show tune US English

A song from a musical that has become popular in its own right

talk show US English

A television or radio show in which various topics are discussed informally and listeners, viewers, or the studio audience are invited to participate in the discussion

show-off US Thesaurus

no one minds that Amy's a show-off because she's just so funny

floor show US English

An entertainment, such as singing or comedy, presented at a nightclub, restaurant, or similar venue

flower show US English

An event at which flowers are displayed and judged for awards

freak show US English

A sideshow at a fair, featuring abnormally developed people or animals

horror show US English

A film or play intended to entertain by arousing feelings of horror or fear

light show US English

A spectacle of colored lights that move and change, especially at a pop concert

raree-show US English

A form of entertainment, especially one carried in a box, such as a peep show

good show! US English

Used to express approval (or disapproval or dissatisfaction)

show cause US English

Produce satisfactory grounds for application of (or exemption from) a procedure or penalty

show house US English

British term for model home.

show trial US English

A judicial trial held in public with the intention of influencing or satisfying public opinion, rather than of ensuring justice

show window US English

A store window looking onto a street, used for exhibiting goods

slide show US English

A presentation supplemented by or based on a series of projected images or photographic slides

talent show US English

A show or competition consisting of performances by a series of amateur entertainers

trade show US English

An exhibition at which businesses in a particular industry promote their products and services

trunk show US English

A sales event for showing merchandise to staff or select customers

fashion show US English

An event at which collections of newly designed clothing are modeled for an audience

go to show US English

(Of an occurrence) serve as evidence or proof of something specified

minstrel show US English

A popular stage entertainment featuring songs, dances, and comic dialogue in highly conventionalized patterns, usually performed by white actors in blackface. It developed in the US in the early and mid 19th century

reality show US English

A television program in which ordinary people are continuously filmed, designed to be entertaining rather than informative

show through US English

(Of one’s real feelings) be revealed inadvertently

show business US English

The theater, movies, television, and pop music as a profession or industry

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