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skip1 US English

Move along lightly, stepping from one foot to the other with a hop or bounce

skip2 US English

A dumpster

skip3 US English

The captain or director of a team in lawn bowling or curling

skep US English

A straw or wicker beehive

skip US Thesaurus

she skipped down the path

coal skip US English

Chiefly Mining a large container for holding or moving coal.

eye-skip US English

The unintentional movement of the eye when reading from one word, line, or letter to another that is not in fact the next; an instance of this.

skip zone US English

The annular region round a broadcasting station where neither direct nor reflected waves are received

skip it in skip1 US English

Abandon an undertaking, conversation, or activity

hop, skip, and (a) jump US English

old-fashioned term for triple jump.