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solid US English

Firm and stable in shape; not liquid or fluid

solid US Thesaurus

the ice cream was solid

rock solid US English

Unlikely to change, fail, or collapse

solid angle US English

A three-dimensional analog of an angle, such as that subtended by a cone or formed by planes meeting at a point. It is measured in steradians

solid-body US English

Denoting or relating to an electric guitar without a sound box, the strings being mounted on a solid shaped block forming the guitar body

solid-drawn US English

(Of a tube) pressed or drawn out from a solid bar of metal

solid South US English

The politically united southern states of the US, traditionally regarded as giving unanimous electoral support to the Democratic Party

solid state US English

The state of matter in which materials are not fluid but retain their boundaries without support, the atoms or molecules occupying fixed positions with respect to one another and unable to move freely

colour solid US English

An actual or notional solid bearing examples of different colours; a three-dimensional representation of a colour model.

quantum solid US English

A solid that exhibits quantum effects on the macroscopic scale.

Platonic solid US English

One of five regular solids (a tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, or icosahedron)

solid solution US English

A solid mixture containing a minor component uniformly distributed within the crystal lattice of the major component

do someone a solid US English

Do something for someone as an act of kindness; do someone a favor

solid with in solid US English

On good terms with

semisolid US English

Highly viscous; slightly thicker than semifluid

do someone a solid in solid US English

Do something for someone as an act of kindness; do someone a favor

nonsolid color US English

A color simulated by a pattern of dots of other colors, extending the range of colors available

solid-newelled in newelled US English

Having a newel, especially of a specified kind. Frequently as the second element in compounds, as open-newelled, solid-newelled, etc.