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spin US English

Turn or cause to turn or whirl around quickly

spin US Thesaurus

the bike wheels are spinning

flat spin US English

A spin in which an aircraft descends in tight circles while remaining almost horizontal

leg spin US English

A type of spin bowling which causes the ball to deviate from the leg side towards the off side after pitching; leg breaks

off spin US English

A type of spin bowling that causes the ball to deviate from the off side towards the leg side after pitching; off breaks

spin out US English

(Of a driver or car) lose control, especially in a skid

spin-out US English

another term for spin-off.

spin-down US English

A decrease in the speed of rotation of a spinning object, in particular a heavenly body or a computer disk

spin-off US English

A byproduct or incidental result of a larger project

spin room US English

A designated area where journalists conduct interviews with politicians or their representatives after a debate or other political event

rough spin US English

A period of hardship or misfortune

spin bowler US English

An expert at bowling with spin

spin doctor US English

A spokesperson employed to give a favorable interpretation of events to the media, especially on behalf of a political party

spin dryer US English

A machine for drying wet clothes by spinning them in a revolving perforated drum

spin a yarn US English

Tell a long, far-fetched story

spin-stabilized US English

(Of a satellite or spacecraft) stabilized in a desired orientation by being made to rotate about an axis

spin one's wheels US English

Waste one’s time or efforts

spin something off US English

(Of a parent company) turn a subsidiary into a new and separate company

spin something out US English

Make something last as long as possible

spin-the-bottle US English

A party game in which players take turns spinning a bottle lying flat, and then kiss the person to whom the bottle neck points on stopping

electron spin resonance US English

A spectroscopic method of locating electrons within the molecules of a paramagnetic substance

topspin US English

A fast forward spinning motion imparted to a ball when throwing or hitting it, often resulting in a curved path or a strong forward motion on rebounding

spinmeister US English

Another term for spin doctor.

wheelspin US English

Rotation of a vehicle’s wheels without traction

spin out in spin US Thesaurus

the longer you can spin out the negotiations the better

spin a yarn in spin US English

Tell a long, far-fetched story

spin one's wheels in spin US English

Waste one’s time or efforts