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sponge US English

A primitive sedentary aquatic invertebrate with a soft porous body that is typically supported by a framework of fibers or calcareous or glassy spicules. Sponges draw in a current of water to extract nutrients and oxygen

throw in the towel US English

(Of boxers or their seconds) throw a towel (or sponge) into the ring as a token of defeat

bath sponge US English

A marine sponge of warm waters, the fibrous skeleton of which is used as a sponge for washing

sponge bag US English

A toilet bag

sponge bath US English

An all-over washing, as given to a person confined to bed, done with a wet sponge or washcloth rather than in a tub or shower

sponge cake US English

A soft, light cake, especially one made from a batter containing eggs which have been beaten into a foamy consistency

sponge tree US English

another term for huisache.

glass sponge US English

A deep-water sponge which has a skeleton of intricately shaped spines of silica that may fuse to form a filmy lattice with a glass-like appearance

sponge cloth US English

Soft, lightly woven cloth with a slightly wrinkled surface

sponge rubber US English

Rubber latex processed into a spongelike substance

sponge pudding US English

see sponge3noun3noun3noun.

Victoria sponge US English

A cake consisting of two layers of sponge made with additional fat and filled with jam

vegetable sponge US English

another term for loofah.

throw in the towel in throw US English

(Of boxers or their seconds) throw a towel (or sponge) into the ring as a token of defeat

sponge US Thesaurus

I'll sponge your face

sponge English-Spanish

esponja f

sponge bag English-Spanish

neceser m, bolsa

sponge rubber English-Spanish

espuma, gomaespuma f

sponge up English-Spanish

limpiarcon una esponja

sponge down English-Spanish

pasarle una esponja mojada a

sponge cake in cake English-Spanish

bizcocho m, queque mAmL exc RPl, bizcochuelo mCS, ponqué mCol, Ven, panque mMéx

sponge (cake) in sponge English-Spanish

bizcocho m, bizcochuelo mCS

sponge your face in sponge English-Spanish

pásate una esponja (

to sponge a living in sponge English-Spanish

vivir a costillas de los demás, vivir de gorra

moisten the sponge with sherry in moisten English-Spanish

humedecer* el bizcocho con jerez

to sponge the dirt off sth in sponge English-Spanish

limpiar algo con una esponja/con un trapo

you can clean it off with a sponge in clean English-Spanish

lo puedes quitar con una esponja

dab the stain off with a wet sponge in dab English-Spanish

quite la mancha dándole ligeros toques con una esponja mojada