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stage US English

A point, period, or step in a process or development

the stage in stage US English

The acting or theatrical profession

stage US Thesaurus

this stage of the development

end-stage US English

Denoting, relating to, or occurring in the final phase of a terminal illness

hot stage US English

A temperature-controlled stage or chamber fitted to a microscope.

Key Stage US English

(In the UK except Scotland) any of the four fixed stages into which the national curriculum is divided, each having its own prescribed course of study. At the end of each stage, pupils are required to complete standard assessment tasks

fare stage US English

A section of a bus or tram route for which a fixed price is charged

germ stage US English

The stage of being a germ; an initial or early stage, especially in the development of an organism.

group stage US English

A stage composed of or characterized by groups; (Sport) (in singular and plural) a stage of a competition in which teams compete in a number of groups, one or more of the best-placed teams from each group progressing to the next stage (typically a series of knockout matches).

life stage US English

A stage of the life cycle of an organism or species, or (more generally) of the life of a person.

main stage US English

Theatre the entire central area of a stage, on which the majority of the action takes place.

open stage US English

A stage in the same area as the audience; especially one surrounded on three sides by the audience.

post-stage US English

Especially in the 17th cent.: a stopping place, station, or stage on a post road, to which the mail was carried from the previous stage and from which it was forwarded to the next.

space stage US English

An abstract stage set with little or no scenery, on which lighting effects are typically used to focus on the significant action and suggest different settings.

stage left US English

On the left (or right) side of a stage from the point of view of a performer facing the audience

stage door US English

An actors’ and workers’ entrance from the street to the area of a theater behind the stage

stage name US English

A name assumed for professional purposes by an actor or other performer

stage play US English

A play performed on stage rather than broadcast or made into a movie

center stage US English

The center of a stage

landing stage US English

A platform, typically a floating one, onto which passengers from a boat or ship disembark or cargo is unloaded

mirror stage US English

(J. Lacan's name for) a stage in infant development occurring between the ages of approximately 6 and 18 months, when a child begins to react to its image in a mirror as a separate entity.

pageant stage US English

A stage on which a pageant is performed.

picture stage US English

A picture-frame stage.

report stage US English

(In the UK and Canada) the stage in the process of a bill becoming law at which it is debated in the House of Commons or House of Lords after it is reported

resting stage US English

A place at which rest is taken during a journey.

special stage US English

(In rally driving) a stage involving particularly difficult driving.

stage-diving US English

The practice (typically among audience members) of jumping from the stage at a rock concert or other event to be caught and carried aloft by the crowd below

stage effect US English

An effect produced by the lighting, sound, or scenery in a play, movie, etc.

stage fright US English

Nervousness before or during an appearance before an audience

stage-manage US English

Be responsible for the lighting and other technical arrangements for (a stage play)

stage manager US English

The person responsible for the lighting and other technical arrangements for a stage play

stage-struck US English

Having a passionate desire to become an actor

stage whisper US English

A loud whisper uttered by an actor on stage, intended to be heard by the audience but supposedly unheard by other characters in the play

thrust stage US English

A stage that extends into the auditorium so that the audience is seated around three sides

committee stage US English

The third of five stages of a bill’s progress through Parliament when it may be debated and amended

platform stage US English

A stage area in front of the proscenium arch or projecting into the auditorium.

revolving stage US English

A turntable set into a stage floor on which scenery is placed, enabling one setting to turn out of sight as the next one appears.

stage direction US English

An instruction in the text of a play, especially one indicating the movement, position, or tone of an actor, or the sound effects and lighting

stage presence US English

The ability to command the attention of a theater audience by the impressiveness of one’s manner or appearance

proscenium stage US English

A stage framed by a proscenium arch.

hold the stage US English

Dominate a scene of action or forum of debate

set the stage for US English

Prepare the conditions for (the occurrence or beginning of something)

stage left in stage US English

On the left (or right) side of a stage from the point of view of a performer facing the audience

boo1 US English

Say “boo” to show disapproval or contempt

intervention US English

An occasion on which a person with an addiction or other behavioral problem is confronted by a group of friends or family members in an attempt to persuade them to address the issue

onstage US English

(In a theater) on the stage and so visible to the audience

restage US English

Present (a performance or public event) again or differently

offstage US English

(In a theater) not on the stage and so not visible to the audience

substage US English

An apparatus fixed beneath the ordinary stage of a compound microscope to support mirrors and other accessories

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