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statistical US English

Of or relating to the use of statistics

statistical tables US English

The values of the cumulative distribution functions, probability functions, or probability density functions of certain common distributions presented as reference tables for different values of their parameters

statistical inference US English

The theory, methods, and practice of forming judgments about the parameters of a population and the reliability of statistical relationships, typically on the basis of random sampling

statistical mechanics US English

The description of physical phenomena in terms of a statistical treatment of the behavior of large numbers of atoms or molecules, especially with regard to the distribution of energy among them

statistical physics US English

A branch of physics concerned with large numbers of particles to which statistics can be applied

statistical linguistics US English

The application of statistical techniques to language analysis, typically using a large machine-readable corpus, in order to discover general principles of linguistic behaviour, genre difference, etc.

statistical significance in significance US English

The extent to which a result deviates from that expected to arise simply from random variation or errors in sampling

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