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stone US English

The hard, solid, nonmetallic mineral matter of which rock is made, especially as a building material

Stone, Edward Durell US English

(1902–78), US architect. His notable designs include the Museum of Modern Art in New York City 1937–39; the US embassy in New Delhi, India 1954–58; and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC 1964–69

Stone, Harlan Fiske US English

(1872–1946), US chief justice 1941–46. He was the dean of the Columbia Law School 1910–24 and, briefly, US attorney general 1924 in President Coolidge’s cabinet before he was appointed to the US Supreme Court as an associate justice 1925–41. He was named chief justice by President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Stone, Lucy US English

(1818–93), US feminist and abolitionist. The first woman from Massachusetts to earn a college degree (Oberlin College 1847), she traveled widely during the 1850s lecturing on women’s rights. In 1869, she founded the American Woman Suffrage Association, which merged with the National Woman Suffrage Association in 1890 to form the National American Woman Suffrage Association

Stone, Oliver US English

(1946-), US movie director, screenwriter, and producer. He won Academy Awards for his adaptation of the novel Midnight Express (1978) and for his direction of Platoon (1986) and Born on the Fourth of July (1989), both of which indict US involvement in the Vietnam War. Other notable movies: JFK (1991) and Natural Born Killers (1994)

stone US Thesaurus

someone threw a stone at me

air-stone US English

A porous block used to diffuse air in a fish pond, aquarium, etc.

ear stone US English

= otolith.

eye-stone US English

A stone which when placed under the eyelid supposedly forces out particles of foreign matter (now rare).

jet stone US English

A piece of jet, black marble, or other black stone.

moa stone US English

Any of a number of small rounded stones found in a group, believed by some to be the remains of the gizzard of a moa; usually in plural.

pit stone US English

(A) stone dug from a quarry or mine.

red stone US English

Alchemy. The red form of the philosopher's stone. Now historical.

stone me! US English

An exclamation of surprise or shock

Stone Age US English

A prehistoric period when weapons and tools were made of stone or of organic materials such as bone, wood, or horn

adder-stone US English

A stone of varying descriptions, typically having a naturally formed hole and used as a bead or amulet.

altar stone US English

A stone forming part of or constituting an altar; especially the slab forming the flat top or table of an altar.

alum stone US English

A rock or mineral from which alum is obtained, especially alunite.

Bath stone US English

A type of oolitic limestone found especially near Bath in SW England, grey to yellowish in colour and used in building and sculpture

Black Stone US English

The sacred reddish-black stone built into the outside wall of the Kaaba and ritually touched by Muslim pilgrims

brain stone US English

= brain coral.

china stone US English

Partly kaolinized granite containing plagioclase feldspar, ground and mixed with kaolin to make porcelain

Coade stone US English

An artificial stone claimed to have greater resistance to frost and heat than natural stone, formerly much used for statues, decorative work, etc.

date stone1 US English

The stone of a date.

date stone2 US English

An engraved stone embedded in a building or other structure, commemorating the date of construction and sometimes bearing other information, as the name or initials of the original owner, builder, etc.

face stone US English

Stone, or a stone, used on the face of a structure or building; (also) the slab of stone forming the face or front of a cornice, entablature, etc.

fairy stone US English

A fossil sea urchin or echinite.

honey stone US English

Mineralogy = mellite.

march stone US English

A stone set up to mark the boundary of the lands of an individual or community.

mare stone US English

A stone supposed to offer protection from nightmares.

metal stone US English

A combination of shale and sandstone (now rare).

navel-stone US English

A stone that marks the centre of the world or of a geographical area; also in extended use.

oven-stone US English

A stone which closes the mouth of an oven.

paint stone US English

A stone which, when ground, yields powder that can be used as pigment; this powder.

peep stone US English

A stone or crystal used for divination.

pizza stone US English

A thin slab of unglazed stoneware for baking pizza and certain types of bread.

puff stone US English

A soft, porous, calcareous rock; tufa.

pulp stone US English

Dentistry a calcified concretion within the pulp of a tooth.

rain-stone US English

A hail stone (usually in plural) (rare).

raven-stone US English

A place of execution.

rick stone US English

A stone forming the base or supporting framework of a rick.

rider stone US English

Mining (the name of) a stratum of ironstone within the coal measures of Staffordshire, England.

ridge stone US English

A coping stone for the ridge of a house.

roll stone US English

A stone rounded by friction on a beach or in the bed of a river.

rood stone US English

A stone cross; a monument in the shape of a cross.

rose stone US English

= rose diamond.

rune stone US English

A large stone carved with runes by ancient Scandinavians or Anglo-Saxons

Scots stone US English

A measure of weight equal to approx. 22 pounds (10 kg).

stone-baked US English

Baked in a stone oven or (especially of bread or pizza) on a hot, flat stone.

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